Backbone Creatives: A business owner’s helping hand into the e-commerce industry.

We are aware how the COVID-19 pandemic became a pain in the neck to almost all of the business owners in the Philippines. Some businesses, especially the small ones, even had to close down when it began to gravely affect their sales and couldn’t afford anymore to continue their business due to the drastic decrease in customers.

However, business owners didn’t lose hope. They learned to adapt to the world today, and almost immediately, a lot of them pivoted to e-commerce. With over 73 million Filipinos using the internet, it’s a no-brainer that taking your business online is the most strategic plan you can ever come up with to keep your business going. 

Additionally, those who had lost their jobs, also chose to start their own online businesses. They found it more practical and cheaper than putting up a physical store. Safer, too!

How about you? Are you thinking of starting up your own online business, but you don’t know where to begin? Or, perhaps you’d want to join your fellow business owners in the e-commerce community, but you’re not that techy?

Well, worry no more because that’s why Backbone Creatives is here. There are endless opportunities in digital success, and we can do it all for you.

About Backbone Creatives

Backbone Creatives is a leading agency with expertise in digital marketing and designing. We can do all the heavy work and lessen the burden upon businesses. We establish marketing strategies, launch brands, craft unique websites and build connections that will entice your audience to know more about your brand.

Backbone Creatives offers business owners a variety of services, such as graphic designing, copywriting, web designing, web developing, and landing pages.

What services does Backbone Creatives offer, and how will your business benefit from these services?

Logo Design

Before anything else, a business needs a logo. 

It’s vital that you have one, and coming up with it is not easy because there are a lot of things that you have to consider before making one. 

It has to be unique because it will be your brand in the business world. It will set you apart from your competitors. It’s your business’ face.

It’s the first thing that a customer will see and the first thing that they will remember about your business. 

If your logo is forgettable, it’s going to be a problem especially when you want your customers to not forget you.

But, don’t worry. Backbone Creatives got your back. We offer logo designing services that will surpass your expectations.

Graphic Design

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest, we totally do that. 

Visuals is an instant attention grabber for potential customers. It’s better to have high quality pictures, videos, infographics, and illustrations in your website than low quality ones.

Having an attractive design to your website can pique your customer’s interest, and it can have them coming back for new content.

Backbone Creatives can provide you with one of a kind visual content that will surely catch your customers eye.


Serving your client quality content is just as important as presenting them with those quality visuals. 

Your website’s content gives your audience a brief description of what your business is all about. It reflects your business, and it’s better to seek an experienced copywriter to do it because it isn’t just about putting words together.

Your content will determine their first impression of your business, and we all know that the first impression always lasts. 

So, giving them a good first impression that will make them want to know more about your business is a lot more preferable than having them click away after reading the first few sentences of your website’s content.

Backbone Creatives’ copywriting services know the best way to portray your business. We correct every spelling mistake and grammatical errors to make your website professional looking.

Web Designing

Your web design supports the credibility of your business. It’s already 2021, your website shouldn’t look like it was made in 1989. 

It’s important that your website has the latest design trend starting from the font, to the logo, and the color scheme for you to keep up or even get ahead of your competitors. 

It’s highly recommended that you hire an experienced web designer, not just because we want you to hire us, but because having an ameteur looking website can compromise your credibility with your customers.

Having a sloppy website can drive away potential customers.

Backbone Creatives specializes in showing your audience the aesthetic essence of your brand, providing them not only with quality content but also with eye pleasing designs.

Web Development

They say that a website is the window to a business just like how the eyes are the window to the soul.

That’s why having a web developer in your company is essential if you want to migrate your business to the e-commerce community. 

Web developers can help you adapt to the digital market.

Landing Pages

This service has a single focus and makes targeted content for specific audiences that significantly has a higher conversion rate. 

Landing Pages can help your business by developing content that can be super specific with its message, reassuring you that it’ll reach the audience you’re targeting.

Backbone Creatives can exhibit a complete marketing campaign, promoting your business to a whole new level.

And that’s just some of our services. We also offer other services like social media marketing, social media management, video animation/presentation, branding and mock-up designing that will definitely be a big help so that your business will grow.

Aside from that, we have packages that I believe you’ll be interested to know about. If you are, you can click here.

And if you’re curious to view our portfolio, click here.

Now, I know that starting up your own website or online business is quite scary. There are a lot of factors that still remain unknown, but we are here to help you. You don’t have to shoulder all the burden.

We are here. A reliable and committed team that works with your business’ success in mind.

Let us market and design your business to reach the top of its game.


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