Tips on how to start online reselling business

Tips on how to start online reselling business

Before we proceed to the tips on how to start online reselling, let me define first the online reselling. What is online reselling?  Reselling is a kind of business that can be start from the small production of products to the bigger production of products. Reseller is the person who handle this kind of business, or reseller is the person who do reselling. Reselling is kind business that you start at your home.

Online reselling is already existing even there is no pandemic, but it became more popular or more in demand when pandemic occurs. Why? Many people are scared to go outside due to this pandemic. They are scared to get infected to the spreading virus. But because of online reselling and delivery services, people can still buy products that they need. Online reselling become a new way to other people to buy their wants and needs in their life even they are at home. Online reselling and delivery services may become a good business partners.

The reason is the reseller needs to deliver his/her products that the customers brought, so the delivery service is the one who will manage to deliver the products of the reseller to the customers. Generally, this kind of online business is one of the most in demand right now. It is a kind of buying a wholesales product to the supplier, company or other business man then they will sell the product in a higher cost or add prices to their customer. But some online reseller are selling their products in low prices than the other businesses because they got their product with a low price or they got a discount to their supplier.

By continuing reading this blog article, you will know some tips on how to start online reselling. If you are planning to start online reselling this tips will help you to have good start of your business.

Now we already know what is online reselling, let’s move on the tips on how to start a online reselling.

Tips to start online reselling business

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  1. Make a Business Plan –Making business plan before starting a business is very important. You can’t just start a business without any plan, it will just fall down and it will not work. Business plan will help you to define what objectives of your business and what goals do you want to achieve when you start your business. This business plan guide you on when or where you will start. It gives an idea regarding on what products you should consider or what products you should buy and sell. It is better to consider what is in demand in the market than selling products that you can’t make profit.

  2. Determine the target customers – Knowing who will be your customers will be help to identify the product you should sell. Determining the product and determining customers are connected to each other. If you just randomly choose the customers it will affect your product. There is a chance that your product will not catch the attention of the customers because they are not interested on it and they don’t need it. For example, your target customers are the people who likes motor and cars. So, you will open an online reselling business which your products is focused on the motor parts and car parts. Your products can sold by your target customers because your products is related to their wants. In choosing target customers, you can set on the community that you are already belong or part so you can make or it will be easier to sell and to know what kind of products you have.

  3. Choose what product you should buy and sell – Choosing a product to buy and sell is very important. You can’t just buy products that you think you can make profit. You should consider what the customers’ needs especially in pandemic. You should do some research regarding on in demand products that you can make a profit. This will help you to identify what products you should buy and sell to the customers. Choosing a right products to buy and sell will make your business successful. The example product you can buy and sell are alcohol and face masks since we are still in pandemic, so this kind of products is very in demand. This kind of product, you should buy and sell because you can make profit in these products.

  4. Connect a payment provider – In starting an online reselling business, you must have a way how they pay you for their products they want. For those business especially in online reselling business, customers have a way how they pay their products. You need to consider what type of method you are going to use in payment. Don’t worry there are many ways how to pay their products. But you should also do or offer many option for payment method. Now a days many small online business uses and have a many option how they will pay, such as Pay Pal, G cash, Credits, Cash on delivery (COD) and other more. Providing customers many options on how they pay their products is very effective tactics for online business.

  5. Make your own Page in social media/ internet –it is important to have a separate page for your online business or when you start online reselling business. This page is where they go, visit and look for your products. This is where you post your products through online. You can also make a live selling, you can use Facebook as your platform for this kind of online business. There are many platforms or social media you can use to promote your products to your customers. 

  6. Have a good description to your products –Describing your products will help to encourage people to buy and test your product. Giving a good description and facts about to your products will help the customers to think more if they will buy it. You can also give an interesting description to your product that your customers will be curious to your product. This will help you to make profit, especially if your customers got attracted or curious about your product that they willing to pay or buy your products.

  7. Take attracting pictures of your products –Taking attracting pictures of your product will help to get the attention of your customer in specific products. With a good quality of product and a good description on that product will help to encourage to buy your products. Making your product interesting will help to attract customers. Attracting your customers make your products to be popular or famous that will make your business successful.

Making or starting an online business is not easy, it takes time, efforts and patience to make it successful. I will end my blog article here. I hope you can apply these tips when you start your online reselling business. Thank you! Remember this quote,

“To build a successful business, you must start small and dream big”

Aliko Dagote


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