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Frequently Asked Questions

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A: We do not intend to hide any fees from the client. What we fixed during the agreement shall be the consistent fee during the timeline of the project.

A: The contract will follow a fixed agreement of 50% down payment at the initial stage of the project, and another 50% final payment before the completed release of the project.

A: Upon completion of a project, revisions are only allowed within a month after its release. It would also be limited upon the time consumption and the number of revisions indicated at the start of the project proposal.

A: BackBone Creatives never fails to submit a work on time as we ensure that clients would receive their projects within 7 days or more. It will all depend on the complexity of the project, which will be discussed further during a virtual consultation.

A: Yes, Of course! BackBone Creatives can provide you with a short-term project that will enhance your existing website. Choosing a preferred package program would also be applicable as fees would be reduced according to the intricacy of the project.

A: Yes, we would love to serve you 24/7! If you wish to have a rush project, there will be an additional 20% increase from the chosen package program. The number of days and hours to work on will be discussed during the project proposal.

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