Problems and Solutions: Customers’ Common Complaints

Problems and Solutions Customers’ Common Complaints

In customer service, your main job is to serve the customers both before and after they buy and use your products or services. It is direct one-on-one interaction between a consumer and a representative of the company. Today, customer service goes far beyond traditional telephone support or on-site services. It is now available via email, web, text message, and social media, it all changes as our economy change and develops. In every situation we experience difficulties and just like the other jobs, customer service job also faced some challenges and one of them is the customer complaints which usually happen because of their problems or maybe they are unsatisfied with the products or service they received.

The customer comes first in this kind of job that’s why every complaint that customer service representatives received; they have to come up with a solution. As you continue to read this blog you will know the common problems in customer service and a way to resolve it. It is important to know this kind of topic especially when you are starting your journey in customer service. It is also beneficial to us since we are all consumers and we need to be informed about different problems possibly that we can experience.

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1. Slow response

Nobody likes waiting on hold. Customers expect communication with instant service or response. They want immediate resolution of their concerns or complaints too. If you are in the call center, according to some studies, customers are likely to hang up the phone after about two minutes and 34% of those customers won’t call back. More than 80% of consumers say they expect an immediate response to customer service inquiries. Remember that in today’s world of instant gratification and impulse buying, failure to respond will cost you revenue and gives impact your business or company’s reputation.

Actionable solutions:

  • Inform agents of what should they do when she experiences this difficulty and make sure they are aware of their roles and responsibilities.
  • Make use of technology and automation. Having bots allows you to deliver a prompt response to customers in real-time. Bots can also send out automatic appointment confirmation vis SMS messaging, reminders/follow-ups, and confirm that support requests have been received.
  • Unprofessional customer representative

2. Unprofessional customer representative

If a customer representative is unprofessional don’t expect to have proper and smooth communication or transaction. It is really important to give good ears for listening to your customers’ complaints and concerns. Customers are reaching out for support so if a customer representative is rude and acts unprofessionally will make the customer upset, they don’t have time in having another problem. When a representative fails to meet their needs, some clients believe it is due to a lack of interest in their case.70% of the customer journey is determined by how the customer feels treated.

Actionable solutions:

  • Train the customer representatives or let the representatives have webinars that can be held in-office teams to connect face-to-face over the video that features breakout rooms, virtual hand-raising, live chat messaging, etc.
  • Customer representatives have to understand what the customers’ talking about especially their concerns. Make sure that customer representative shows themselves as interested and willing in front of the customers.
  • Make sure that all customer representatives should pay attention to customers’ tone and body language.
  • The customer gets transferred from one to another

3. The customer gets transferred from one to another

All of us want to happen what we expected and it is the same in business. When customers do not get what they expected or the service and product don’t make them satisfied, it will be the ultimate death of a business’s reputation. A customer that is transferred to another agent or customer service representative often happens. It is one of the reasons why customers lose their temper or being frustrated. When customers keep getting transferred, it ensures that they will never return to you or your business in the future.

Actionable Solutions:

  • Inform your customer when he/she is going to be transferred to another agent or representative. Explain your reason properly and make sure they understood you so well. • Request permission to transfer the call and ask the customer if they still have another question to ask that needs to be answered immediately.
  • Wait for a confirmation and then initiate the transfer.
  • Can’t offer a solution to the customer

4. Can’t offer a solution to the customer

Of course, customers call the service team or talk to representatives because they want to ask something or they have a concern that should be resolved. Customers are expecting to receive a solution once they tell their problems and studies show that 67% of customer churn is avoided if the service request is fulfilled during the first interaction. Sometimes the customer is rushing agents or customer service representatives to give them a response but they can’t because they don’t know what to say or they don’t understand how to solve their problems due to lack of information.

Actionable Solutions:

  • The agent or representative can refer an experienced and more convenient colleague or manager to solve the customer’s problem.
  • The agent or representative should invest more time in learning about the company and enhance their skills in problem-solving.
  • Put the customer case in the first call, don’t waste their time and your time in finding or researching irrelevant information. Ask the customer politely for follow-ups.
  • Poor product and service

5. Poor product and service

There are times that the products and services aren’t a good fit for customers. Customers will blame you in that case even if it is not your fault and no matter how customers arrive at this conclusion; the customer service team needs to know how to prevent it. Informing customers about the product’s quality with just the word “No, we don’t have that service/product” will turn into a misunderstanding or customers may mislead.

Actionable Solution:

  • Keep yourself or the customer service updated with the latest product and service that the company can offer.
  • Educate the customers on how to use the products to prevent them from breaking and how they can. The customer will go to the quality of the product if this happens.
  • Admit the lack of feature or product and tell it to them politely.

I hope you learn from this blog and always remember that in customer service job, you have and need to prioritize the customer. If you want to know other customer complaints and how to resolve them, you can check this link:


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