PH Celebrities: Open Their Minds And Venture Into Business Amidst The Pandemic

PH Celebrities Open Their Minds And Venture Into Business Amidst The Pandemic

Many businesses and industries have ceased operations in the Philippines since the epidemic began in March 2020, in order to accommodate the country’s lockdown. It affects not only enterprises, but even celebrities, who are struggling to cope with the epidemic because some of them have no project to offer their businesses.

In this article, I’ll discuss several celebrities who have gone into business as a result of the pandemic and help those who have lost their employment as a result of the virus. As we deal with the pandemic at home, let us imitate their example and be more constructive rather than self-destructive.

5 media personalities who have started enterprises in the midst of the pandemic:


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Aiko Melendez is a former politician and Filipina actress. The “Prima Donna” is her current endeavor. Aiko has been raising donations for various projects and hospitals since the pandemic began. That’s why she started an Instagram account called @gadgetsallinone to help people in her own unique way. She makes a small profit on her devices and sells them to frontline workers and OFWs. The antivirus necklace, according to Aiko, is her biggest seller. If her business takes off, she plans to give away free electronics to frontline employees.

She further notes that, while this business will not make her a billionaire, it will serve as a platform for her to aid others during this pandemic. She also has a new online selling website where you can shop for almost everything.

So, if you’re interested in purchasing her goods or visiting her web store, click here.


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China Cojuangco-Gonzales is an actress and a television host who is married to Chef Gino Gonzales, the son of celebrity chef Gene Gonzales. China is the daughter of Tingting Cojuangco, a former Tarlac governor,

Her husband, according to China, has a frozen and ready-to-eat food company named Chef Gino’s Kitchen. His husband just launched a cooked food line and maintains a Facebook page where you can view all of their food posts, including frozen items such as Hamachi jaw, rib-eye, scallops, and more.

She decides to join his husband’s venture as the pandemic spreads. By selling Baguio-style and Cagayan Valley-style smoked longganisa. With the help of their internet food businesses, they are now able to cope with the pandemic.

If you’re interested in their delectable foods, check out their Instagram account, @chefginoskitchen which contains a menu of their products as well as their client feedback.


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Connie Del Rosario-Escudero, often known as Connie Sison, is a Filipina journalist, news anchor, and host. Chris Escudero, her entrepreneur husband, is the love of her life. Connie and her husband had their vacation in Spain before the epidemic, when she sampled many types of wine and fell in love with one of the mixes, the Tempranillo Garnacha. As a result, she chooses to start her own wine label. She comes up with the notion of giving “personalized wine” as a holiday gift. They adore her wines, according to her, even the label artwork, which is one portrait of her that she painted.

It’s the year March 2020, and a pandemic has broken out. It gives her the idea to promote her product to her pals who have lost their jobs as a result of the shutdown. She was considering reselling her wine label until one of her friends offered to sell it online. Her business has been good so far, and she adds that wherever her business venture takes her, she’ll be pleased to serve it with the intention of helping her friends in this time of epidemic and fulfilling her dream of owning her own wine label.

Her wine is called Amantes en el Cielo, Tempranillo-Garnacha is a mix of two of Spain’s core red-wine types that produce both red and rose wine from diverse regions of the country. If you’re interested in her personalize wines and give them as a gift for the holiday. This Facebook account is where you may place orders and make inquiries.


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Sharon Garcia Magdayao is a Filipina actress, singer, and model who goes by the stage name Vina Morales. As the pandemic spread and many individuals were forced to work from home, Vina decided to start three businesses to serve people who were looking for “racket” during this difficult period.

If you’re interested, you can work as a marketing agent for her business, “BeauTea Bubble Tea.” You can also work for her as a marketing agent for her “Dip and Go Supreme” service or as a top-up agent for her “Money Sent” service.

Aside from that, she has a new business called “Inday Benna Best,” where you can buy her gourmet selections such as bagoong, sukang binisaya, and homemade peanut butter, among other things.

If you’re interested to take part in her business, becoming a distributor, and buying her homemade products. Here are her Instagram account, @indaybeenasbestofficial, and other following business-like “Money sent” service, “Dip and Go Supreme”, and “Beautea Bubble Tea”.


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Gloc-9, whose real name is Aristotle Condenuevo Pollisco, is a Filipino rapper, singer, and songwriter widely recognized as the best Filipino rapper of all time. As the pandemic spread, Gloc-9 began an internet business called “Friend chicken ni Gloc-9,” in which he also records a rap song about his company and teaches people how to cook using his fried chicken recipe.

For him, it is not easy to put up a business but if you want to survive in this time of pandemic and that’s the thing you want to pursue, go for it, as long as you don’t hurt other people. Furthermore, that is not only his business, but he also ships “Kapeng Barako drip coffee” with a specially signed pack. If you want to order some of his delectable chickens or other products, go to his Instagram account, @glocdash9.

I’ll end the blog here; I hope you learn something and are inspired by those celebrities who also want to help people and share their passion for their business. If you wish to know more celebrities who started to lunch their business amidst the pandemic, click here.


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