Perks Of Combining Traditional And Digital Media Marketing

Perks Of Combining Traditional And Digital Media Marketing

Any strategy that gets a message to rise above the clutter is terrific from the advertiser’s perspective. Even if it’s not much of a secret, it’s still a pretty good marketing idea.”

— Josh Bernoff

It is common knowledge amongst business professionals that online marketing is the only way to get their message out there. Since a high percentage of the population is online most of the time, this statement is mostly accurate. Although more people are using the internet regularly, traditional advertising methods still sway consumers. 

There are still many people who rely on newspapers, television, and radio. As a result, it’s crucial to note that some things perform better when advertised online. In contrast, others perform better when advertised offline. The trick is to use a little bit of both and get the most out of your marketing strategies. Combining digital and traditional marketing can be highly effective.

The difference between traditional media vs. new media

Traditional Media

Billboards, newspaper ads, television advertisements, and other forms of traditional advertising allow businesses to reach a wide range of potential customers. On the other hand, new media gives companies the ability to limit their target audience through social media, paid web advertisements, and search engine results. Since traditional media can reach a broader audience and have more advertising avenues, it is more expensive than new media production costs.

Companies have used these techniques for a long time to communicate with customers and encourage them to buy. Businesses were able to turn a profit using these marketing strategies until recently. Marketers can’t help but adapt to their customers’ changing demands and expectations. Consequently, new media and digital marketing techniques have grown, and well-known traditional methods have decreased.

New media

It is also known as digital media. This type of media is characterized by online or internet-based methods. Although these tactics have been around for some time, they have recently come to the general public’s attention. When discussing traditional vs. emerging media, the term “emerging” is somewhat misleading because very few of them are new. Nevertheless, as time passes, these marketing methods will continue to evolve. Rather than being influenced by consumer views, the current best practices for these methods are based on their sources. However, customers’ attitudes toward these methods may evolve in the future.

Understanding the Connection

Matt Meeker from a digital agency called Logical Position pointed out that companies should consider how traditional and digital marketing can work together. The way people learned about new products, services, and brands a few decades ago was mostly through conventional marketing. People now need a lot more information to get excited about something. In the digital age, more information is available than ever before, leading people to research new brands.

How can traditional and digital media work together for marketing?

When organizations use both marketing techniques, they need to make sure that they reach all of their potential customers. In traditional marketing, clients are more likely to be passive participants. Using a magazine ad or a television commercial to establish a call to action is an excellent opportunity to strengthen traditional marketing. This call to action should encourage viewers to visit a website or do other steps as part of the digital experience, making them active participants. 

Providing a customized experience to your customers is another method to combine traditional and digital marketing. Psychographics like interests and lifestyle are used in traditional marketing. This data can be used to target specific demographics with ads. This ad can also direct viewers online to continue their personalized experience. Using conventional marketing calls to action encourages clients to continue their experience digitally. 

Customers are led from one marketing strategy to another using digital and traditional marketing strategies. Combining marketing strategies ensures a company’s target audience is reached. Using all accessible methods helps a brand reach and attract more customers.

Benefits of combining traditional & digital marketing

According to Dean Dallman from Redfern, there are several benefits we can achieve by making traditional and marketing work together.

1. Reach larger audiences

Traditional and digital media are combined to assist a company reach a larger audience. Both marketing tactics attract more people than marketing in just one channel. Because not everyone is always online, traditional fills in the gaps.

2. Cross-pollinate your media

Cross-pollination is when you promote one form of media through another. For example, suppose someone contacts you through a TV ad. In that case, they might see social media icons at the bottom of the screen and follow you on social media as well.

It’s essential to keep track of the measurements of each marketing channel for cross-pollination to work. Here, you might want to look at how many people saw your TV ad but not how many people took the next step and bought your product.

3. Make better decisions

When a company is skilled at analyzing businesses, it will know which marketing methods are most suited for them and adjust or designate the task. For example, if you know that your audience responds well to both TV and Instagram content but only have the means to produce TV advertising. Then, you should utilize Instagram work.

4. Blend active and passive

Like a researched blog, using active marketing demands the consumer to be involved and engage with whatever promotional materials you offer. Passive marketing like sponsored magazine posts doesn’t require the individual to be involved, but they know it’s there.

5. Create a unified brand

Creating a unified brand is possible when using traditional and digital media to promote your business. Focusing on a single marketing strategy won’t cause your company to fall, but you should always strive to make your marketing as strong as possible. The more interactions you have, the more powerful you will be.

Keep in mind that traditional and digital marketing are not supposed to compete but complement each other. A marketing expert will be able to take advantage of the qualities of both strategies. As a result, marketers will get the most out of their campaigns and maximize their marketing efforts.


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