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“I was very devastated after I get into a car accident. But what happened was none of my faults. I was facing a big name in the industry. Almost lost my hope. But a friend recommended me, Roxy Law Firm. Boom! They win my case, and I received my right to damages and compensation.”
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Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

Personal Injuries related to the nervous system are among the most serious part of every accident resulting from an act of negligence. It will take away your chances of living your normal life and earning potential needed for your family. Not only that, medical bills and long-term medications can surely drain your savings and causes mental health exhaustion. For obtaining your right for damages, talk to us now, and we’ll handle your case.

Burn Injury

Burns do not only signify accidents resulting from fire. But it could be caused by exposing your skin into chemicals, electricity, or hot liquids from your industrial workplace. This injury also varies in degrees, being 1-4, where the third to fourth degree requires surgeries.

Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

There are approximately 59,000 cases of people nationwide dying each year from rabies. In 2020, a total of 7 deaths were recorded in the Philippines. Although this case can seldom ever happen, it is nevertheless fatal and can immediately lead to death as early as five days.

Other types of Injuries
that constitute Personal Injury

Other accidents that led to personal injury are also covered. Talk to the experts in our team, and we will handle your case.

Swimming Pool Injury

There are times when parents or adults failed to supervise their children for having fun swimming at the pool. But when accidents occur, it will be painful to see and requires some indemnification from the liable party. Santos & Chavez’s personal injury lawyers advocate for victims of these accidents.

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$ 1 M
Wrongful Death
$ 1 M
Truck and Car Accident
$ 1 M
Dog Bites and Animal Attacks
$ 1 M
Burn and Chemicals
$ 1 M
Brain and Spinal Cord Injury

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