How starting a skincare business during a pandemic aided entrepreneurs in finding the beauty of life

How starting a skincare business during a pandemic aided entrepreneurs in finding the beauty of life

As the pandemic spread, the beauty industry grew and evolved, and we now see new trends every day, such as vloggers’ or famous artists’ skin routines. People are readily influenced by social media, as we all know, and the beauty industry recognized this. They had social media influencers who teach people about the basics of the skin and how to take care of it. It became trendy, and sales of skincare products increased. As the pandemic spread, most individuals learned to accept their imperfections and attempted to fix them by using skincare products.

As you read this blog, you’ll learn about the women who launched their skincare businesses amid a pandemic, and you’ll be encouraged and inspired to start your own.

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Here are the entrepreneurs:


A 28-year-old woman who worked as an associate director of creative and marketing at Direct Agents, a digital marketing agency, until leaving in July 2020 to start her own business. She achieved a long-held dream of becoming an entrepreneur during the pandemic. Fantle was inspired to do the same with DTC’s skincare company, Maes Face, after hearing about other entrepreneurs who work with brand founders. She invested her money and funds from friends and family in the brand’s development. According to Fantle, “No matter when you start a business, there’s a type of risk associated with it. In my case, it was during a pandemic … people thought I was crazy.” She simply stated that any business you start will have difficulties, and how you handle them is entirely up to you.Mae now employs four people and sells four different vegan masks. Her idea was to start with low-cost or small-scale products, but she hopes to expand into a larger wellness beauty brand in the coming years and develop additional products.


She is the founder of the skincare brand SKÖG which means forest in Swedish. Gautami earned a bachelor’s degree in fashion management from the Istituto Marangoni in Paris and a Masters in Strategic Entrepreneurship and Innovation from King’s College London. She began her entrepreneurial experience in Sweden, where she manufactured her products in her kitchen and grew her business with the help of her friends and family’s feedback, which led to the expansion of her natural, vegan, PETA-certified luxury skincare brand SKÖG. She was, however, stranded in India with her family. She only intended to pay them a visit, but due to the pandemic and the lockdown, she chose to move the manufacturing to India because she couldn’t stop her business. She registered her business in the country and considering that the ingredients like Birch, Elderflower, and Petitgrain made her brand unique, she shipped it from Sweden to India.


A founder and CEO of EmBeba, an independent clean family skincare company for skin sensitivity. She was about to launch her products in May last 2020 but the news of COVID began to spread which made her launch postponed. She taught it was just temporary and that she would resume her plans sooner or later, but as her and her employees’ lives altered, she recognized that they were no longer in a transient state, but rather in a new normal. By the end of March, her husband was infected with the COVID19 virus, which everyone sought to prevent, and when he recovered, she became a victim of it. She used the opportunity to think of other plans to establish her skincare brand, just like any entrepreneur and mother who understands the significance of alone time. After experiencing postpartum depression after giving birth to her daughter in April 2017, as well as the death of their beloved dog in a hit-and-run accident, the pandemic became a new challenge in her life. It was particularly difficult for her when she was unable to launch her products, but she did overcome it in the first month of 2021, and a month later she gave birth to a healthy baby boy.


She started her company during a global pandemic, which was unimaginable for her, yet she and her business partner Victor Casale established Pure Culture Beauty, a clean, gender-neutral skincare line. Its mission is to provide skincare products that take a holistic approach to skin health and address the microbiota of each individual. With plans to release in the fall of 2020, Joy and Victor designed skincare to treat the germs and cultures on the particular user’s skin. They experienced many challenges along the way, but they adhered to their goal, which is something entrepreneurs and business leaders should keep in mind as the pandemic continues to spread. Joy and Victor saw an opportunity in the fact that most people stay at home and buy things online without considering whether or not the products are suitable for their skin. Their goal was to bring holistic and comprehensive solutions to consumers’ homes for a variety of skin conditions.


They are the founders of the skincare brand Zyu, which they launched at the start of the pandemic. In December 2019, when COVID19 was making news in China, the clean skincare line was released. Their initial product was a sleeping mask, which, like all of their previous goods, was made in Singapore. The packaging and process took longer since even international delivery was difficult at that time. They were out of stock for a month which made Joshua Tan get a horrible feeling since people are ordering and they can’t provide it. They ended up hosting a Facebook Live event in July 2020 to announce their newest product, a five-step face treatment kit made specifically for the pandemic as an option for individuals who can’t go to the salon, which is also affected by the pandemic lockdown. They made a way by considering the current situation of people, they adjust themselves in order to continue their business.

I’ll end this blog here in the hopes that you can learn something from the entrepreneurs who started their skincare businesses during the pandemic and overcame the challenges they faced. If you want to be motivated by people who launched different enterprises amid the pandemic, go to this link:


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