How COVID 19 affected students’ internship experiences.

How COVID 19 affected students’ internship experiences

Many university students have been subjected to harsh restrictions due to the COVID-19 epidemic after a harrowing year spent in isolation. For people worldwide, the epidemic has become a nightmare and a reality. The quarantine of individuals who are afraid of getting a disease has caused widespread stress, worry, and unhappiness across the globe.

Many students have had difficulties finding internships due to the coronavirus outbreak. The COVID-19 pandemic changed my life and the lives of many other young people. As a result of the transition to virtual classrooms, most of the school’s physical buildings had been closed. Even though I intended to have a face-to-face experience to broaden my knowledge and abilities as a significant communication student, I was unable to do so; therefore, I was forced to observe safety precautions and adapt to this virtual internship.

We’ve all been isolated from one another. Because everyone is going through such a transition period right now, it is vital to have a positive attitude and avoid dwelling on the bad parts of one’s situation. Making this a personal lesson, I’m reminding myself that anything may happen at any time and that I must always be prepared for the unexpected to happen.

Making adjustments in response to the new normal.

Because this will be my last year of taking an online course at La Consolacion University, I’m still getting acclimated to taking online courses. I am worried about the impact that attending virtual classes may have on my learning, but I am convinced that there are various online tools that I can utilize to ensure that I completely grasp the concepts being taught. Several young adults are also afraid that they will have a more difficult time keeping up with their academics due to the changes. Keeping an up-to-date calendar and making reminders for when things are due will be essential to success in a virtual workplace. I’m sure that if I can learn to roll with the punches, it will only help me become a better student.

Virtual Internships: Everything Students Should Know

Instead of waiting until you graduate to look for a virtual internship, why not start looking now while you’re already used to studying from the comfort of your home? Since the implementation of lockdown, conventional in-person internships are no longer an option for most students. Since the introduction of the coronavirus, virtual internships have gained favor as a terrific alternative to traditional internships. However, many individuals are unfamiliar with the notion of a virtual internship and are hesitant to take part. What kind of companies do they find work in? While on-site internships are still highly valued by employers, online training is growing increasingly popular.

The virtual internship

The term “virtual internship” refers to a work-based learning opportunity in which students may take part from the comfort of their own homes. Students and employers will communicate throughout the training using various media, including Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, email, and web-based webinars.

Here are some things that students have to deal with when they start a virtual internship. It all depends on a lot of different things.

  • The company’s ability to interact with interns is evaluated.

Your internship will not be as straightforward as you had hoped if your boss hasn’t clearly stated your objectives, you don’t get regular feedback, or you cannot propose a solution to a problem. 

Describe the following aspects of the role in the interview: Inquire about how your success will be measured throughout the internship and the exact goals you’ll be working toward.

  • Your motivation

Suppose you have a hard time staying motivated. You might have difficulty staying motivated during a virtual internship, where self-discipline and self-motivation are essential skills that you need to learn.

Your internship may require you to work a certain number of hours each day or do a certain number of tasks each week. Set your usual working hours and adhere to them, just as if you were at the office.

  • There has been no prior work experience in an office environment.

For companies, one of the essential advantages of in-person internships is that graduates get vital experience working in a team in an office environment, which is not feasible with remote training, which is not possible with a distant internship.

Yet, various online collaboration systems available, such as Google Meet and Zoom, allow you to communicate with others.

A traditional internship allows us to get professional work experience while also improving our ability to deal with superiors and co-interns. Exposes us to the workplace compared to conventional internships; online internships are a game-changer. It enables those who cannot afford or do not have the time to engage in an office-based internship. Self-management necessitates the creation of habits and a more ordered lifestyle. It will put your abilities to self-start, cooperate, and push yourself beyond your comfort zone to the test. A virtual internship provides you with freedom as well as valuable experience.

Uphold a positive frame of mind

Although the media tends to concentrate on the dire consequences of COVID-19, I believe it is essential to acknowledge all individuals who have recovered. It might not be easy to maintain concentration on academics as a college student when so much is going on. However, after I stopped browsing through countless news feeds, I was able to focus on my academics and complete more tasks with less distraction. However, we must all maintain our mental well-being to fully comprehend what is taking on in this circumstance. Keeping abreast of current events is critical, yet, it’s as crucial to search for all of the positive things happening across the globe. Make time for yourself and the things you enjoy doing rather than being trapped in a warp where all you can do is school or nothing, as many people do.

Things change quickly in these uncertain times, which may not be very comforting. One thing I can do is hope that things will improve soon. That is all I can do. The world has changed dramatically for young adults, but we can all get through this together if we remain adaptive and optimistic.


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