Hotel Concierge: What can I do for you?

Hotel Concierge What can I do for you

A concierge is an employee of a multi-tenant building who works in a hotel or apartment building. Hotel concierges work at the hotel’s main entrance desk. They will be the first to greet clients, therefore their friendliness and efficiency will determine the hotel’s initial impression. The concierge service is in charge of assisting guests throughout their stay at the hotel. The concierge used to be thought of as a castle doorkeeper, in charge of ensuring that all guests were correctly and securely checked into a room for the night, but in today’s world, the concierge’s tasks have evolved. They are assigned for every single matter, from picking up the guest’s luggage from their arrival place to helping them with everything during their stay in the hotel.

Concierge is important in hospitality since they are the one who is responsible for providing local information and helping the guests organize their plans or activities during their stay. As you continue to read this blog, you will know what concierges do to their guests such as how they will handle and give them a good service. This blog will give you information and knowledge that you can use if you are applying for a concierge or when you are going to stay in a hotel.

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  1. Save you money

A concierge can help the customer or guest in saving money. They can suggest a way on how to go to the airport for less, where to find the best yet fun and affordable activities and can inform them with a fair price of services like a taxi.

  1. Get you a ride 

A concierge can help you find a car that can bring you to the place you plan to go. If Uber or taxi had some difficulties or when it’s raining and it’s hard for you to book one, the hotel concierge can help you with that and they can book you one ride at a lower rate. They have contracts standing by waiting to pick up a passenger and the good thing about this is that concierge can help you in finding a ride even you’re not staying in their hotel.

  1. Help you in organizing an event

If you are planning on celebrating an occasion or event such as birthdays, engagements, and anniversaries, a concierge can help you with that. They can help you in setting up your room into a surprise, they can fill it with flowers and balloons or they can offer their rooftop for huge and wide space. All of it can be possible even at the last minute and also, they can find a photographer that can document the whole occasion. According to Pangle, “The role of a hotel concierge includes being a problem solver, an ambassador to the city, making the impossible possible, and being the hotel’s personal assistant”.

  1. Get your table in a restaurant

Restaurants are usually got their customers from the concierge they contracted with. Concierges recommend places to their guests and one of those places is the restaurant where the guest can eat outside the hotel. If the reservation or restaurant is full, a concierge can put you in front of a waiting list. 

  1. Make the kids happy

If you bring a child because you can’t leave them even on your vacation or you have other plans and you need to leave them for a while, a concierge can also help you with that. They can offer or recommend a playground, parks, and even babysitting services. Concierges work hard to give their youngest guests the best and most royal treatment. Remember that when a child is having fun makes the parent’s life much easier. 

  1. Fitness facilities

Sometimes, heavy meals can make you feel bad and the only thing that can help you with that is to exercise. Some hotels have gyms or fitness facilities but lack the equipment you want. In that case, a concierge can recommend an affiliated hotel with better facilities or connect you to nearby gyms if there’s no fitness center on-site.

  1. Can find you a perfect surfing spot

Most of the hotels are located near the beach since that is usual and commonplace for guests to have a vacation. Surfing is one of the activities that a resort can offer to you while you are staying at their hotel. Some of the on-site surf concierges used to live there or grew up in that area that’s why they know about all activities. They will share their favorite surf breaks and offer advice about surfing conditions like directions and techniques. A concierge can also organize surf lessons and board rentals.

  1. Assistance in your arrival

A concierge can help you even before you checked in their hotel. They can give you step-by-step directions for how to arrive at their place, parking tips, and how to avoid traffic. You can also ask for planning your activities for the whole time of your stay in the hotel. They can also help you in fixing travel problems, if your passport is stolen, they can help you find an expeditor or make an embassy appointment. They also accept late mail and late-arriving luggage.

  1. Help you with medical needs

If you are disabled, not feeling well due to your travel, or have other medical needs, a hotel concierge can provide you with considerable assistance. They can get you a wheelchair, find you a taxi if you need to have checkups, find doctors that can speak the language you know or English-speaking doctors, and can find you restaurants that don’t offer foods that you have allergies on. They can also assist you in getting some medicine for you if you forget to bring it or they can set you an appointment with a dentist, derma, vet, etc. 

  1. Teach the guest the local lingo

The concierge wants the guests to enjoy their city to the fullest. Letting their guests know famous words and foods that will push the guests to try them. Taking interest in the local cuisine and language helps visitors to embrace the island or the place they are staying in, it also makes the locals excited to share more knowledge and stories that will make the guest enjoy their holiday more interesting.

I’ll end the blog here; I hope that I informed you well about the things that hotel concierge can do and offer. If you want to know more information about the hotel concierge, you can check this link:


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