Graphic Designing Tips that will Help You In Your Career

Ever seen a movie that entices you by just the poster alone? Or maybe an ad whose radiant beauty tells you that we need them? Personally, I’ve encountered a lot, both inside and outside freelancing, and I think they are the most underrated ways of endorsing products, because even if we always see them and sometimes ignore them, there’s always that unconscious desire to take a look of the product because of these posters or ads alone, an essential need in marketing.

And who do we thank with this, but our graphic designers whose mind is designed for a creative picture and output, while also having the marketing mindset to persuade people for their products, and by the looks of it, you want to learn what it takes to be one.

Don’t worry, this blog is for you. Just grab your pen and paper and let’s get started!

Graphic Designing Tips that will Help You In Your Career

I am not a graphic designer, by any means; I just copywrite most of what graphic designers do, but being friends with a few people who excel in graphic design made me understand how it works in the world. But before all that, let’s define graphic design.

Graphic design is a type of profession where individuals create posters and art to promote an ad or communicate with the people. They tend to use vibrant images to tell a story in a poster, show some stories in a drawing, or even get a person to like a product by a picture alone. Alongside web designing, graphic designing are some of the pinnacles of creativity in most professional work, and even show some aesthetic to any image on the internet.

It ranges from small parts of graphic design, like pictures for blogs, or even school paper designs, to larger parts like movie posters, product placements, and more, and although it may seem easy, it isn’t. 

And so, here are some tips to get you started with graphic design.


  1. Start with a plan, end with a project.

Everything has to start somewhere, and for you, you need to start with a plan; a blueprint of an idea that shapes what you need to see. Not everyone can get the best projects on the spot, but with patience and a clear plan, you’ll see a great project completed after.

To add, I heard this from a graphic designer I once worked with. “Having a plan is a mind-clearer, more important than the instant ideas coming in an instant,” and I agree; a clearer mind does help you focus on a goal, rather than more ideas coming at you, trying to make things better with more of something, which brings us to another tip.

  1. Simplicity is beauty.

People like things simple, and that’s a fact, that is why as a graphic designer, you should appreciate a simple creation for your ad, unless it calls for something more complex. You must learn to use simple things as an advantage, so that people will think of the product as a serious one.

To summarize the whole statement, here is a quote that will tell you. “Space in design isn’t simply the absence of content but a design choice in itself and can be used to aid in achieving important design principles such as contrast and hierarchy.”

  1. The mind knows better when they’ve already seen it.

It doesn’t necessarily mean copying someone’s idea, since you will need a unique project, but I want you to take inspiration from some things that you may have seen before. Inspiration is something you’ll mostly need in designing, and some grap[hic designers say it helps you create your own lightning-in-a-bottle creation. Heck, even I, a copywriter, uses inspiration for my works, and it did me good.

  1. Moods matter… a lot.

As a graphic designer, you are inclined to use a moodboard for inspiration for something. If the product is an umbrella, create a moodboard for rain and clouds; or maybe if your product is a laptop, create a techy moodboard to fit in. This is where you often experiment which is which, and is a solid creator for your plan of the product.

  1. Symmetry is a friend, so work together.

As a graphic designer, you must appeal to the eyes of the reader, and what’s more appealing in a project than balance and symmetry. By showing symmetry to your work, not only do you show professionalism, but there is a creative outburst when you know how to do so perfectly. Just like movie posters or websites or blog posters, to be able to show clean and creative symmetry shows your talent.

  1. Know the market.

As a graphic designer, you need 2 things: creativity, and marketing strategy, and we tell you, marketing strategy is more than what meets the eye. You need to update yourself with the latest trends, products, designs, and more, because these are they key to making your project worth noting for. 

  1. Consistently change for the better.

For our last tip, I just want to give a reminder to you. You don’t need to settle on good, or average, you need to make your project better, more creative than the past projects. This does not only apply here, but also in life, where the world changes alongside you, and you in return, must work with it.

So, there you have it. A few good tips to start your graphic design business, and maybe a few more to take in heart as you journey on. If you want to become a graphic designer, we also offer works for you to start. Just click here below.


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