Five List of online businesses that can be start in the midst of pandemic

Five List of online businesses that can be start in the midst of pandemic

Definition of Online Business

Before I enumerate the lists of online businesses that you can begin in the midst of pandemic, let me define first what the Online Business means. What is Online Business? Online Business is a business which run through internet. This kind of business uses internet as their platform to make their business popular and successful. The internet became more famous that even businesses joined in. Online business become a new way for the costumers and sellers that even they are at home, they can still buy and sell a product that they want thru online.

Online business became more in demand that even young entrepreneurs invests in this kind of online business. When pandemic occur many businesses have been closed. Many entrepreneurs’ especially young people discovered that there are still lot of ways to earn money even if they are just staying at home. Online business has made shopping easy for us, we don’t need to go anywhere physically and get great deals too. That’s how online business works.

Generally, it is also known as internet buying, electronic buying, online purchasing, or internet shopping. Quality can be defined as a measurement of goods or services offered by buyers or companies. A good quality product will make consumers tend to do purchasing. But if the quality of the product is not suitable with the buyer’s expectations, then the consumer will move their purchase intention to other products.

By continue reading this blog article, you will be able to know the lists of different types of businesses. If you plan to be an entrepreneur and you want to start an online business, this blog article will help you to know what online businesses are good to start and guide you to what online business you will go.

Now, let’s move on to the list of online businesses.

5 List of Online Businesses

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  1. Graphic design– Graphic design is a craft where professionals create visual content to communicate messages. They can earn money in graphic designing through offering services with different companies or other businesses. They can also sell their works to someone who is interested to buy it. Or, they can sell it by posting on their page or other social media platforms.

    To those people who are creative and capable in editing, this kind of online business will be suitable for them. And for those people who already have tools in making graphic design they can save more money because they don’t need to buy tools for opening an online business like graphic design.

  2. Online Reseller– A reseller is a person who buy a product in a wholesale to the supplier and sell it to his/her customers. A reseller will buy goods for resale and make profit. They will buy goods to their respective supplier then sell it to the market in a high cost. They will buy the items in wholesale price so they can be save their money. They purchase goods with the intention of selling it rather than consuming.

    If you are good communicator, you are in good sales talking, this online business will be better for you. In online reselling you should be a good in sales talking. Why? It is because it will help to encourage people to buy your product and make them curious about your product until they try it and buy your product.

  3. Video Editing Service – It is used to present all video information including television shows, films and video advertisement. This is also use to make the video more attractive to the audience. They earn money in video editing by having a contract with different companies and businesses. They make some logos, commercial or even advertisement.

    This kind of online business is good for those people who loves to edit videos, they can use their skills for this type of online business which will help to make beautiful videos that the customers will encourage to come back again and they can also recommend your business to their friends or family because you are a good editor.

  4. Online Tutor – Is a type of teaching but virtually. This kind of teaching uses computer, laptop, tablet, internet and other gadgets that can be used in teaching. The students and teacher will be meet through online, they will use internet as their platform for this kind of teaching. There are many option if you want to start online tutoring. You can choose academic, instrumental and other more.

    If you are good in academics, like Math, English, History, Science and other subjects you can go for online tutor in academic and you can choose any specific subjects. If you are good in instruments like guitar, violin, piano, and other instruments, you can go in online tutoring in instruments. In this kind of online business you can use your knowledge and you can also use your talent, your skills, and you can apply what things you want.

  5. Delivery Service – Delivery service become more in demand when COVID-19 starts to spread. Many people are afraid to go outside, they also follow the government instructions and advisory to stay at home. People can’t buy or go to the stores, malls, restaurant, fast food and other more. But delivery services to the rescue. What I mean in to the rescue is they became a way to the people at home to buy necessaries goods, things and delivered it to their home. A good example for this kind of online business is food panda, lalamove, J&T express and other more.

    This kind of business will be effective today because there are many people who needs services especially in delivery. People order products in other online business and the delivery service comes when the reseller want to be delivered the product that his/her customers brought, they need a delivery man who will bring the product to the customer.

There are many online business you can start besides what I mentioned. But this time I will end this blog article here. This is my first time and first worked in Backbone Company, I hope you get ideas from this blog article and it will help your future online business. Thank you!


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