Facebook Live: A Guide On How To Start Online Selling And Tips To Improve Your Skills As A Seller

Facebook Live A Guide On How To Start Online Selling And Tips To Improve Your Skills As A Seller

Have you thought about becoming an online seller? Are you interested in being a Facebook live seller but are unsure how to get started? Or are you a Facebook seller who isn’t seeing any growth in your business? Do you wish to enhance your selling skills? You don’t have to be concerned any longer.

When pandemics occur, Facebook live selling becomes popular as a means for people in the business industry to cope with the impact of the pandemic on their lives. Facebook live allows you to stream from your desktop or smartphone, meaning, you can sell your products online and reach a large audience with great conversion rates. As you read this blog, you will know the guides on how to start online selling and tips to be a better seller.

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Here are some guides to help you get started selling online:


You have to know what kind of product you are going to sell before planning on selling online. Remember to select a product that suits your target market. Consider whether it is in demand, a need, or a trend and whether it is worthwhile to sell. Because this is the core of your firm, you must carefully choose what things you will sell.


Of course, before you start live selling, you need to give your business a name. Create a name that reflects your business, is easy to speak out loud, is clear, and will capture the attention of viewers, or a name that says the actual name of the product that you are selling, as most purchasers are looking for a specific item.


Having a Facebook page will help you to inform your future buyers about your products, the schedule of live selling, and your rules and regulations. You should also start inviting people such as your friends, family, and someone you already know. They can help you to share the news about you being a new live seller.


According to DTI, they consider such online sellers to be not in business yet, so they don’t need to register. Therefore, even if your business is small, you must register it if you earn money on a regular basis through any internet means. Do online sellers have to pay taxes? Yes, based on the provisions of Section 236 of the Tax Code, every person subject to tax shall register once with the appropriate revenue district officer. You need to do this in order to avoid any difficulties in the future or during your journey in online business.


This is something to think about when running a business. After your consumer has purchased a product from you and selected a shipping method, such as COD (cash on delivery) or e-wallet apps and bank, you must manage the shipment method. To win their trust, you should also provide them with good service throughout product delivery or when they pick it up on their own. Giving your consumers excellent delivery service will encourage them to order from you again.

After knowing the guides on how to become an online seller, I will now show you the tips on how to improve your skills in selling that will help you to grow your online business too.

Tips on how to improve your skills in selling:


Facebook live is more like an event than a blog post, you can create an event where it will remind your followers about your time in streaming. Or, after deciding on what time you’re going to start your live selling, make sure to share that information with everyone, you can post it on your page or personal timeline on Facebook but don’t repeatedly tell the announcement to the audience instead make something that will increase their interest in what you’re selling. 


When you first start live selling, you should provide a good quality video to your viewers, a clearer one, because no one wants to watch a blurry live selling. You should also have a good background, if possible, a background that is not showing any piled-up stocks or items. They must be visually engaging, if you move your camera around it will entice people. The more people who watch it, the higher it will appear on other people’s news feeds.


It is necessary to have someone that can assist you in reading your viewers’ comments for you to avoid stopping and reading the comments that sometimes takes a lot of time, it is a way for you to concentrate on creating a great experience. Respond as quickly as possible to your customers’ questions by first calling their names and then answering their questions. You can also ask for comments and questions to generate additional engagement. Remember that some of your viewers enjoy being recognized, so offer them love in whatever way you can as a sign of your gratitude.


If you’re going to reintroduce yourself before ending the video, it’s a good idea to do it before the end so that your consumer remembers you and refers you to someone they know. Your viewers will appreciate it if you end your video with the phrase “thank you for watching” or “I’ll be having live soon, let’s meet again.”


When you edit the description, remember to add your page’s Link; you may also delete the video and adjust its privacy settings. People who click the link will be taken to your page, where they will be able to see your schedule as well as the things that they may purchase, even if are not live to sell.

I hope you found this guide and tips useful in your journey to become a successful online seller. This is where the blog will come to an end. Check out these sources for more information and specifics on guides or steps to become an online seller, as well as suggestions on how to become a better seller:




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