Empowering Business Through Inspiring Social Media Campaign

Empowering Business Through Inspiring Social Media Campaign

It’s challenging to stand out on a constantly updated social media timeline. Businesses want their brand personality to shine through every post and status update from local to global promotion.

If you have a business and your brand has developed loyal customers, you need to think of an idea to stay relevant and engaged with them while attracting new customers. But how can you do that? The answer is simple. You need to create content that customers enjoy and relate to. 

One of the most effective ways for a company to engage with its customers on social media is to create educational and inspirational campaigns.

The Use of Emotion on Social Media Brand Campaigns

Emotions are utilized in promoting a brand. It has a significant impact on our major decisions and selections, which ultimately lead to a connection with a specific brand. When it comes to brand campaigns, some make us feel closer to our loved ones, while others will leave us with life lessons. To achieve a variety of goals, brands worldwide have adopted the route of emotions. Brand connection, storytelling, and much more can be learned from inspiring campaigns.

  • People’s ability to retain more emotionally driven experiences. It implies that emotion and memory are somehow connected. The brand and its content will stick in the minds of our audiences if we make an emotional connection with them.
  • It is human nature to love sharing stories or things, especially when they make them feel something, whether happy or sad. 
  • According to a study, 31 % of advertisements with emotional pull were successful, compared to only 16% of rational content. An emotional response to an ad can, undoubtedly, impact the intention to make a purchase.

How do inspiring social media campaigns help a business?

To establish a personal connection with followers, learning about their hobbies and interests is essential. You can develop material that shows people embracing themselves or sharing love with others. In addition, you can also include how they can use them to make it clear that your items are the ones to help them. Using this type of content strategy will allow you to keep in touch with your customers even after they’ve purchased something from you.

Furthermore, sharing inspirational content that features actual individuals who utilize or participate in activities linked to your products or business will help establish your brand’s authenticity. It also helps to celebrate the message, values, and vision at the heart of your brand.

According to Lucke, inspirational material also gets more social media interaction. The posts containing at least one image will get double interaction on Facebook and get twice the shares. It will help your social reach when you include your corporate brand sites and every store that sells your items. This is why it is essential to supply local businesses with marketing materials and campaign ideas.


To get ideas for your own campaigns, take a glimpse at these examples of successful brand campaigns that evoked strong positive feelings in viewers and left an impact.

Coca-cola: Brotherly Love

The Brotherly Love ad was part of the Taste the Feeling campaign by Coca-Cola. The main characters in this advertisement are two siblings. The older boy makes fun of his younger brother by putting his headphones up high on a shelf where he can’t reach them and leaving him without an umbrella in the rain.

Then one day, while the young brother is enjoying his bottle of coke in the park, a gang of bullies his age approach him. They take his coke bottle and pick on him. Suddenly, the big brother shows up and scares them away. In the end, he takes the coke and almost drinks it himself but feels sorry for his brother. So he returns the drink, but not before letting him spill some on his face as a joke.

Coca Cola – Brotherly Love

Most people who have grown up with siblings are familiar with the scenario. Doing childish fights, yet being there for them when something happens. Many viewers can relate to the example since it taps into that special connection. The surroundings and attire worn by the brothers generate a nostalgic feeling of our childhood. It appeals to viewers of all ages. But the way it builds tension to a critical moment is also emotional. The viewers, and the young brother, are surprised when the older guy chases away the bullies and holds his sibling’s coke bottle. This keeps us interested. Even if the older brother is still teasing his sibling at the end, it still retains the brotherly love. Sending a message to customers that drinking Coca-Cola should have the same warm and welcoming sensation just like two brothers in the advertisement. Overall, the story includes humorous and heartfelt moments.

Dove Re-defines Beauty Campaign 

A campaign #RaisetheBeautyBar is launching to mark the 60th anniversary of its Dove Beauty Bar. It encourages women and young girls to redefine preconceptions about beauty.

Dove 60 years of #RealBeauty

The brand hopes that involving consumers in the campaign through social media might affect public perceptions of what constitutes attractiveness. After 60 years of celebrating women’s bodies, the company released a video to honor their history.

The Dove company sees that many women are fond of buying beauty products because they want to feel confident and beautiful. So, Dove creates a campaign showing that they should embrace their unique differences and celebrate them rather than ignore them. Physical attributes should be turned from anxiety into a source of confidence. They actually make people associate their product with realistic expectations of what it can achieve on a beauty level. At the same time, it makes women feel like they’re embracing their true beauty. 


Invoking feelings through an inspiring social media campaign can be a powerful approach in getting people to care about your brand. It shows that it has a character and a human side that will inspire people to buy your product or service. It helps customers identify and put their faith in the brand. The more people see your content, the more likely they are to share it, and the more likely they are to engage with it.

In other words, the next time you’re planning brand campaigns, consider how you may use emotion to help you convey a more compelling message. The goal is to increase engagement. So, don’t hesitate to connect with your audiences. Maintain the integrity of your brand to ensure that the connection is genuine and that your message is inspiring.


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