Electric-bicycle: The Different Types and Its Benefits

Electric-bicycle The Different Types and Its Benefits

Electric-bicycle: The Different Types and Its Benefits

My father and mother have a small business that involves the use of transportation because they have to deliver their products. Laguna is one of the farthest places they need to go. Cavite is located around 121.6 km away from Laguna, so it requires a lot of gasoline to go there. Aside from Laguna, they also deliver from different sides of our barangay. Their budget is always running low because of the gasoline.

They notice how much the price of gasoline increases these days. My father is frustrated because of this but they have no choice but to buy extra transportation that doesn’t require gas for the nearest place they deliver. My mom suggested buying an E-bike because the neighborhood says that it is good for delivering services. 

In this blog, you will find out what electric bikes and their benefits are to us. You can also see how you can get business in an electric bicycle.

What is an E-bike?

Businesses in the Philippines are growing rapidly, and many people are looking for a unique business idea that could help them to grow and also the people around them. If you have a business that relies on transportation, you must keep track of how much daily gasoline or other fuel you use to deliver your services or products. E-bike is one of the alternative solutions that can help you.

An electric bicycle or e-bike is a bicycle that runs with the support of electricity. It can be charged by plugging in the outlet or charge from the sunlight using a solar panel. It is a combination of bicycle and motorcycle.

Some see the growth of e-bikes as nothing more than a danger, believing that if everyone switches to electric, normal bikes would become extinct. But don’t worry: e-bikes aren’t coming to take away our human-powered way of life. Here are the benefits that e-bike gives to us.

The Different Types of Electric bicycle

Electric bicycles have been around for a long time, but they have only recently gained popularity. Better technology, smaller and lighter batteries with increased range, and reduced prices have made them a realistic option for a growing number of riders. The easiest method to choose which E-Bike is perfect for you is to approach it as if you were shopping for a traditional bicycle. The rest will fall into place once you’ve decided which category of bike is ideal for you because today’s electric bicycle manufacturers are familiar with the motor/battery requirements of each bicycle category. 

There are different types of electric bicycles. It depends on how it is designed, the motor system, the kinds of batteries, and also the use according to the e-bike laws. 

  1. Pedal Assist
    Pedal Assist is a type of electric bicycle that requires you to pedal in order to use the engine. It’s similar to a regular bicycle, except that it has a motor that detects when you’re pedaling and kicks in to assist with the pedaling effort. This kind of electric bike is good for bike lanes, paths, and roads. According to the law in the Philippines, electric bikes like this are not good for the highway.
  1. Throttle 
    If you don’t know, a throttle is a device that regulates the amount of gasoline or fuel-air mixture that enters an engine. But of course, this is an e-bike so they use a battery for power.
    The next type of electric bike is a throttle only, which means you don’t have a pedal to run the engine of the motor.  You’ll be able to increase speed by accelerating in the middle of a bend. Because many nations have regulations prohibiting them, they are far less popular than the pedal assist.
    E-bike throttle is very common in the Philippines. In fact, they have different designs of e-bikes.
  1. Speed pedelec
    The e-bike has a speedometer and only aids until the bike hits 28 mph. It is a great option for commuters. Because riders like to pedal, the most common motorcycles are classified as Pedal Assist (Type 1) or Speed pedelec (Type 3) in most of the other countries and Throttle (Type 2) for the Philippines and other countries.

The Benefits of an Electric bicycle?

Due to the pandemic, the demand for e-bikes increased. This is not just because of the popularity of the e-bike that makes it become in demand. Here are the lists of some of the benefits of the e-bike, starting from:

  • From the health

Many people are avoiding commuting. They are risking their lives in commuting because they interact with other people that they don’t know if they have a virus (Covid-19) or not.
If they buy a motorcycle or car then they need to have a license and you don’t know if the price is affordable. The electric bicycle is the good transportation they need.
In health, you are not only avoiding interacting with people but also improving your physical health. Like the normal bicycle, an electric bike is good to improve your physical and mental health. There are different kinds of e-bikes depending on the size and number of tires.

  • From the gasoline and diesel savings.

In the month of March in the year 2022, We can see the price of gasoline and diesel go up from P7.1 per liter to P13.15 per liter. By using the e-bike you can definitely save a ton of money because you don’t have to buy gasoline or diesel every time the power gets empty, but rather you will just charge your electric bike when the power is empty. E-bike is also more affordable than motorcycles and cars, so they will not only save your bills in fuel but also your savings for transportation.

  • From the environment

Are you one of those guys who are eco-friendly? The one who avoids using devices that contribute to air pollution? Then the electric bike is the best transportation that you want to have instead of motorcycles and cars. The electric bike is an environmental-friendly alternative to driving a motorbike, car, or scooter. Riding a conventional or foldable electric bike will not only enhance your physical and mental health but will also likely lessen your carbon impact on the environment.


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