Design For Success: 5 Success Stories From Small Businesses To Inspire You

Design For Success 5 Success Stories From Small Businesses To Inspire You

As the pandemic spread, creative industry workers found themselves unemployed and unsure of their prospects as the lockdown began and their prior careers became unknown. But not all is lost; this pandemic has shown our designers that it is an unexpected opportunity to explore new paths, pursue long-held ambitions, and recommence.

In this blog, we will have insight and learned from the entrepreneurs of five small businesses about their handmade product journeys that can inspire us amidst the pandemic. This owner’s previous professions are in the creative industries.


Barnaby Ash and Dru Plumb started their woodworking business in 2020.m Here’s how it all started.

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According to Barnaby, he worked in a variety of jobs ranging from fashion editor to bike mechanic to a gardener, while Dru worked in fashion PR, marketing, and events. They want to establish their firm since they have transferable talents. But, despite their shared interest in handcrafted design, none of them attempted to make anything until two years ago, when they installed bespoke kitchen shelving. They had set up a working space in their garage and moved on to other tasks before they realized it. They began to polish their ideas as they opened shop, purchasing items such as a woodturning lathe.

The natural world serves as inspiration for what they will create since these crafts will honor and nourish the British woodlands from where they drew inspiration. They are captivated by softer objects, according to Barnaby, and are typically drawn to the curves generated by the interaction of water and stone, as well as subtle hints of the human shape. People are becoming more concerned about how crafts are manufactured and the quality of the materials because of lockdown.

Ash & Plumb Handcrafted in Sussex is the name of their business. It was founded in June 2020 and creates one-of-a-kind sculptural and functional works using sustainable materials and the craft of woodturning. If you were interested in their shop, click here.


Verity de Yong, the founder of VED Cooks, has a background in fashion design, other than that as she loves to cook, she transforms kitchen waste into luxurious linens.

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Verity claims that since the lockdown began, she has been more aware of how much time she wastes eating meals at home. That’s why she began experimenting with the skins and leftovers of various foods to see whether she could utilize them to make natural cloth colors. As her kitchen becomes her laboratory, she creates sustainable and eco-friendly goods for the house; each piece is one-of-a-kind, cut, dyed, and frayed by hand.

According to her, starting a business during pandemics was difficult, but she was able to do so with the support of Instagram, which showcases her products such as napkins and placemats. One of the most significant skills she learned while beginning a business was how to build relationships with the community. Because she will be spending more time at home, trying new talents, and honing them will be beneficial to her, and eco-friendly products will be increasingly vital to her to maintain her way of life.

VED Cooks is her business’s name, and it sells a collection of linen napkins, tablecloths, and placemats made from 100% Irish linen dyed with vegetables. If you’re interested in her environmentally friendly items and online shop, click here.


Josh Murray-Webster and Liz Parker, founder of FLWR and set up a floral studio as a sister company of their events business amidst the lockdown.

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According to them, they own a business called EP studio which is a creative production studio that designs and produces all aspects of experiential events, from festivals to window displays. Pandemics and lockdowns are becoming more common as they become busier. They didn’t sit on their hands, but this lockdown provides them with an opportunity to establish enterprises that can run during lockdowns.

They chose flowers as a medium for their new business because Liz has a background in floral design. This period has been difficult for them because the event industry is experiencing an epidemic, but it has given them the strength to be more innovative and diversified in the future. They have a monthly series called “Fresh Takes,” which features a floral, photographic, and written depiction of various persons. A limited-edition arrangement inspired by their chosen muse will be created as part of their project, with 50% of the proceeds going to charity. Their goal is to keep their employees employed while also assisting charitable organizations that have lost revenue due to the pandemic.

FLWR is a floral studio in London that delivers bouquets and is the sister company of EP Studios. These are seasonal flowers from the Netherlands and the UK that are long-lasting and beautiful. If you’re interested in their store and want to learn more about it, click here.


Lea Zana, founder of Vaisselle and a French-born footwear designer began designing ceramics because of the pandemic.

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According to Lea, she was supposed to start a new career in March 2020, but it was canceled as the virus spread. She had no job, and it was difficult to find one, so she decided to do her own thing. She has had an interest in ceramic creation since she was a child. She claims to have come from a little town in southwest France with a plethora of brocantes (flea markets). Her grandmother was a ceramics hoarder, which explains why she can make ceramics.

She is fascinated by 16th-century Spanish pottery as well as Indian culture’s color palette. Her items are handcrafted by craftsmen in Spain. It was a major challenge for her because she needed to go there and meet those people who could help her build her collection, but she was looking forward to it. She also claims that the pandemic forced us to examine ourselves and our actions. That is why buying less and better, as well as supporting one another’s products, can help to re-establish a sense of community.

Vaisselle goods are fully handcrafted and hand-painted by a family of artists in Andalusia, southern Spain. The ceramics are created from local clay and adorned with lead-free paints and natural colors, and they utilize traditional skills. If you’re interested in checking it out, here is the link to her shop.


August and Piers Campbell, brothers and founders of the August & Piers brand were started as they combine their love of fragrance and design.

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Before the epidemic, August worked as an art director for a major advertising firm, while Piers worked as an industrial designer specializing in high-end bespoke lighting. Even though they are young, they are enthralled by smells and enthusiastic about design. They have a lot in common as brothers, which is why they decided to develop a brand that embraces individuality and all of the personalities they know and love.

It was a blessing for them to be able to start their company as soon as the lockdown began. It’s also a chance for them to settle into their family home and spend more time together planning how they’ll start their business. Learning the job has been difficult for them because none of them has worked in a consumer firm before. One of the skills they learn is to always interact with and satisfy their customers. They are somewhat overwhelmed as they begin their business because they did not anticipate such a large number of orders.

August & Piers are fragrance candle brands inspired by their personalities and the people they care about. They’ve now released a new fragrance called ‘Muse,’ which will be followed by a sixth smell. They’re also working on the conscious diffuser and gift packages, as well as other scented items. These fragrant candles will encourage you to express yourself in your unique way if you are interested in their products. Here is a link to their store.

I’ll end this blog here in the hopes that you can take something away from those small business owners who are thriving despite the pandemic. In this time of the pandemic, having a passion for crafting and design will help you be more creative and innovative.

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