Challenges You Should Know When Starting A Business

Challenges You Should Know When Starting A Business

The emergence of COVID-19 as a worldwide pandemic has influenced many people to start their own businesses because companies and establishments have stopped operating. The presence of businesses online helps many people to earn even in the comfort of their homes. It may sound fun to have your own business, but you have to remember that struggles come along with this career while it expands.

In reality, starting a business is not an easy job. You might try everything you know but somehow still fail. Challenges are common in this industry. It cannot always go smoothly as you planned. But what you need to do is learn to face the struggles within this career path. As they say, we can compare a business to gambling because we can’t guarantee the outcome. Some may succeed and make their business grow, but some may decide not to pursue this field due to hardships. Many people forget about this when they are starting. This is why some of them become disheartened when things don’t work out and give up in the end. 

To understand the topic, this blog highlights the struggles when starting a business and some tips to overcome them.


Ever wonder why you’re not able to sell your services or products?

According to Ledbetter, there are three problems that make it hard for you to connect with your audiences. It includes; not being able to empathize, the wrong target market, and flawed products.

Not Being Able to Empathize

  • When you don’t listen to your customer, you will lose them. They may feel that you just want to promote rather than understand them. Some businesses were not able to apply empathy to their strategy. 

Tip: As a business owner or planning to have a business, you need to value your customers and show them that you care about them. Their responses will help you offer the products and services that will be relatable to them.

Wrong Target Market

  • You will also struggle in your business if you target the wrong market. Just like Ledbetter said, your product is not for everyone and will only waste time and money if you keep promoting with the wrong ones. 

Tip: To know your audiences, you need to identify their wants and needs. The best way to increase awareness about your business is to appeal to their interest and know who wants your offers.

 Flawed Products

  • Lastly, lacking the features needed for the product and its flaws will not satisfy your target market. 

Tip: It would be best to research what you want to promote before launching. In this digital era, customers can share their opinions on the businesses they are interested in, making it easier for business owners to monitor and collect client feedback. So, you can ask some users you know to test the products or services you offer. Furthermore, you can also conduct a survey to understand other customers’ preferences.


A lack of finance or operating capital is a significant reason small enterprises fail. Most business owners know how much money is required to keep daily operations, including supporting payroll and operating expenses for the rent and utilities. Also, to ensure that outside sellers are paid on time. However, some business owners are less aware of how much income is made by-product or service sales. This gap causes cash problems, which may swiftly put small enterprises out of business.

Tip: To assist a new business in overcoming typical financial challenges, you should first create a realistic budget for company operations. Furthermore, be prepared to contribute some funds from your own pockets during the launch or expansion period.


Many business owners struggle with the capability to accomplish tasks on time. Inability to prioritize time management can create a loss in business. So, if you are constantly distracted by unnecessary tasks, especially when working at home. You may end up procrastinating on your work and will not finish it on time. 

Moreover, if you keep making this bad habit, you will likely damage your relationship with your team and clients. Failure to meet deadlines represents a severe lack of respect and professionalism.

Tip: It’s vital to understand how you spend your time to have a clear idea of how much time you need to work on your tasks. Envisioning the result of your work will also help you achieve your business goals and motivate you to manage your time efficiently.


  • Keeping up with competitors in the industry can be a struggle, especially when you are new to the business. If you are not updated with the trends or don’t have a concrete plan for promoting your business could be a disadvantage for you. 

Tip: Having so much to offer can attract audiences. A simple but effective strategy like giving discounts, having a sale, or giveaways is an excellent start to entice them and know your brand even more. But you also need to know how to differentiate your business to stand out from the competition. 

  • Competitors can help you expand and enhance your business by making flaws for you, increasing the market, and motivating you to do better. However, company competition may drive away clients, split your attention, and deplete your resources.

Tip: You must be careful. Observe and learn from them but don’t become absorbed in what others do. It is your business, after all.


Business owners are the motivating force behind the creation and growth of new enterprises. All too frequently, they are also the ones who keep them back. The skills required to establish a firm are not the same as those needed to help it expand.

Tip: It’s important not to be overconfident with your own talents. You’ll likely need the training to develop the abilities and attitudes expected of someone who leads growth. One of the most challenging struggles for many successful entrepreneurs is learning to listen and accept advice from others. However, it may be necessary to grasp your opportunities and acknowledge your own limits.

Those are the five struggles you may encounter while running a business. Keep in mind that there are still many challenges out there, but you can overcome them. Addressing issues early and establishing the right action plan will help your business grow and succeed. 

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