Web Design Paths: 12 Excellent Career Paths You Can Take If You Have A Degree in Web Designing

There are many reasons why students choose to take up web design as their degree program in college. It can either be because it is what their parents want, the job opportunities, or it has been their dream to be a web designer ever since. And it can get really difficult to land a job as a web designer because there will always be a lot of competitions. But the good thing is, being a web designer is not the only career path you can take if you have a degree in web designing. Interested to know more?

Read on and make the most of your hard-earned degree!


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First on the list is an animator. Animators are responsible for the production of the creative images we see on our screens. These images are utilized in advertising campaigns, television shows, video games, and movies. They are also highly skilled in either design, hand-drawing, or in anything CGI-related; although, there are some who can be skilled in all. The help of animators are specifically needed when it comes to creating 3D characters. Their responsibilities also include creating storyboards for movies and video games as well as being in charge of making sure that everything in a production of an advertising campaign is strictly executed based on the planned schedule and budget.

The average salary of an animator per year internationally is $41,103, while in the Philippines, animators averagely earn a total of ₱228,619 per year.

Art Director

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An art director is responsible for generating the best designs needed for a variety of projects. They do everything starting from the initial brainstorming up until the finalization. They are experts when it comes to interpersonal and management skills. They are also extremely skilled in the field of designing and are knowledgeable about the aspects and technicalities of various media types, which is why they have the authority to oversee any project that deals with design.

Their line of work includes giving out instructions to professionals who craft the layouts of the visual styles used for media materials such as movies, magazines, television shows, newspapers, and the likes, to ensure that whatever they produce would be of the highest quality.

The average salary of art directors per year internationally is $131,113, while in the Philippines, art directors, on average, earn a total of ₱402,596 per year.

Computer Information and Systems Manager

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Computer information and systems or CIS is a field of work that can possibly attract the attention of web designers who are skilled in the technical facets of their work to be CIS managers. CIS managers, who also happen to be IT professionals, are responsible for overseeing every aspect of a company’s computer information and systems.

With that, they manage groups of other professional, but the groups a CIS manager handles is determined by his or her employer. These groups typically range from web developers, engineers, software developers, or security experts. 

In simpler words, they are the ones responsible for the assessment of a company’s information technology objectives as well as the establishment of appropriate computer solutions to assist their employers in achieving those objectives.

The average salary of CIS managers per year internationally is $181,388, while in the Philippines, they earn a total of ₱1,014,546 per year.

Creative Director

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Creative Directors are considered to be the handlers, overseers, and team leaders when it comes to the production of big projects like magazine publication, advertising campaigns, video game production, and the likes. Their job is to make sure that their team will work on the project based on what their clients want.

Every aspect of the project starting from the written content up until the finished product has to pass through the creative director first to make sure that it will be of unique and best quality. However, one thing to keep in mind about this profession is that it would be easier to be a creative director if one has a master’s degree.

The average salary of creative directors per year internationally is $138,604, while in the Philippines, they earn a total of ₱906,460 per year.

Multimedia Specialist

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When it comes to producing presentations, content, and other projects that involve the utilization of media, multimedia specialists are the experts. They are able to create such projects using various multimedia tools and fundamentals like video and sound. Producing creative visual materials is also their forte.

Their line of work requires them to collaborate with a team of creatives such as animators, writers, and the likes; they are in charge of grasping a project’s objectives, carrying out an extensive analysis and research, brainstorming strategies, and more.

Multimedia specialists are also responsible for updating the clients about the progress of the project. And they really have to be hands-on because everything has to be perfectly in-line with every aspect of what the client wants.   

The average salary of multimedia specialists per year internationally is $65,774, while in the Philippines, they earn a total of ₱291,329 per year.

Senior Web Designer

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A web designer earns the title “senior web designer” when they become very skillful and experienced in their line of work. Another reason they get promoted to senior web designer is if they would often lead and manage numerous projects.

When a web designer gets promoted to senior, they are now responsible for meeting with clients and discussing with  them about their ideas as well as the things they would want to see in the project. Using the ideas from the client, a senior web designer is expected to conceptualize strategies and make proposals that are all in-line with what the clients prefer.

Once their idea is approved, they are expected to constantly communicate with the clients in order to keep them updated about the project’s progress.

Also, senior web designers are required to conduct maintenance to the websites of their clients if necessary.

The average salary of a senior web designer per year internationally is $108,031, while in the Philippines, they earn a total of ₱321,000 per year.

UI Designer

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When it comes to the look and feel of web pages and applications, user interface (UI) designers are the experts. With the help of UX designers, developers, and product managers, they creatively produce prototypes of the products like websites and applications.

To achieve such prototypes, UI and UX designers utilize a variety of icons, patterns, colors, and the likes. The purpose of the prototypes is to give a preview of how the actual products will work once released. 

The average salary of UI designers per year internationally is $95,951 while in the Philippines, they earn a total of ₱365,160 per year.

UX Designer

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The number one priority of UX designers is to make sure that no end-user will feel like navigating through an application, website, and the likes, is inconvenient. To do this, UX designers are required to apply logic and critical analysis in every service or product they develop.

What this means is that it is a must that they are fully aware of the best ways to create products and services that would give the customers a smooth and satisfying user-experience whenever they navigate through an app or website or whenever they utilize a system that has been produced with the help of UX design.

The average salary of UX designers per year internationally is $100,221 while in the Philippines, they earn a total of ₱397,990 per year.

Visual Designer

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Visual designers are the ones responsible for the development of a wide range of platforms, including wearable technology, intranet and internet-based websites, games, and applications. Their responsibilities vary depending on what type of project they are handling and what type of industry they are working for.

For every project they handle, they incorporate and give full attention to volume, shape, color and line—all of which are visual design’s core principles and elements—in order to create aesthetically pleasing websites.

Any aspiring visual designer is required to have solid skills in negotiation and problem solving, be knowledgeable when it comes to proper communication, and of course, they are expected to have a degree in a design-related program.

The average salary of virtual designers per year internationally is $64,848 while in the Philippines, they earn a total of ₱250,252 per year.

Web designer

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This list would not be complete if it does not have this career path in here. Through the utilization of their non-technical and creative capabilities, web designers are able to plot, generate, and code any website their clients want. They are in charge of making sure that a site is completely optimized across every device like phones, laptops, and the likes.

But of course, similar to a lot of jobs in this list, a web designer also meets with their clients prior to the actual web designing in order for them to discuss and understand every aspect of what the client wants for a website. Additionally, these professionals are also capable of producing creative images and animations.

The average salary of web designers per year internationally is $64,987 while in the Philippines, they earn a total of ₱312,698 per year.


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The caliber, appearance, and content of a website are the responsibility of the webmaster. They make sure that a website’s structure enables simple user navigation.  Among their other responsibilities include upkeep of the server, frequent website maintenance, and approval of site content, such as videos, pictures, articles, and the likes.

The average salary of webmasters per year internationally is $84,600 while in the Philippines, they earn a total of ₱804,520 per year.


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