Blogs On Customer Services: 10 Interesting Blogs To Subscribe To

Blogs On Customer Services 10 Interesting Blogs To Subscribe To

Is there a formula for offering outstanding customer service? In my opinion, there is no secret method for answering such an impartial question. But, in order to realize these concepts, why not broaden your knowledge and skills in learning and comprehending the field’s industry?

If you want to learn more about customer service, you should read customer service blogs. Blogs are an excellent method to improve your intellect and stay current on customer service theories, trends, and practices. Many sites will assist you in answering the concerns that have been plaguing you, so here are a few that you should read and subscribe to because they offer advice you won’t want to miss.

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1. HubSpot

HubSpot’s blog is a service blog that includes thought leadership on customer service, experience, support, and success. This site’s customer service blog is top-notch because they do an excellent job of categorizing content to make it easy to find. When you visit HubSpot’s customer service blog, you’ll find fresh material, trending content, and individual categories organized in an easy-to-navigate format.

They also have blog posts, white papers, webinars, and eBooks available. Furthermore, the most important component is that they always consider a cross-functional approach, particularly when it comes to information regarding customer service collaborating with sales or marketing and how that affects the overall scope of customer care. In addition, this site promotes customer satisfaction as a long-term strategy for corporate growth.

Here are a few HubSpot articles:

2. Totango

The goal of this blog is to assist customer success teams in operationalizing and automating their processes. Their blog focuses on how to utilize the product and provides good information about customer care in general, with a lot of content.

In addition, their blog focuses on sharing helpful resources for customer-facing practitioners and team leaders alike to achieve a certain objective.

Totango’s posts include:

3. Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken is a customer service keynote speaker and a long-time professional author. Hyken’s blogs included not only his own good content but also practical customer service-related content.

Furthermore, you may find articles on his site that will assist you to amaze your customers in order to keep them pleased and committed to your brand. Blog entries, articles, webinars, podcasts, white papers, and guest pieces are all part of his output. If you’re new to the customer service sector and want to keep up with the newest trends, the Shep Hyken customer service blog is one of the best places to start.

Shep Hyken’s blog postings include the following:

4. Intercom

This blog is geared toward customer service experts and management, as it provides useful information to anyone seeking advice on how to expand their business to a wider audience. This site occasionally offers interviews with successful entrepreneurs and professionals, in which they share their greatest tactics for getting to where they are now.

This blog also contains information on best practices and product development, as well as helpful hints on how to build a productive team and establish good customer-staff relationships, marketing advice, industry trends, and plenty of customer assistance.

Here are a few Intercom posts:

5. Customer Bliss

Customer Bliss is created by Jeanne Bliss, who is also a prolific writer in the customer service profession. Bliss has published several books, has multiple themed weekly pieces on her blog, and even hosts a regular podcast, according to my research.

Furthermore, Customer Bliss’s blog focuses on keeping the team healthy rather than building an excellent workforce, and it aspires to assist businesses in building with integrity.

Here are a few of Customer Bliss’s blog publications:

6. Bill Quiseng

Bill Quiseng, like Jeanne Bliss and Shep Hyken, is a well-known customer service influencer. This blog is more focused on the customer experience, which it reflects throughout and provides a variety of options for readers to participate.

His blog, for example, includes workshop recordings and materials, a reading list, and links to audio and video recordings that you may listen to.

Bill Quiseng’s blogs are as follows:

7. Fonolo

This customer service and experience blog are dedicated to providing a wealth of useful resources and also offers exceptional customer service, with content divided into several categories such as customer experience, customer service, call center, industry news, and contact center.

Furthermore, this blog is geared toward call center executives and will provide relevant knowledge for support professionals. There are also webinars, white papers, and tip sheets available.

Fonolo’s posts on this thread include:

8. Help Scout

This blog is a global customer service that offers a number of possibilities for a more human and individualized client engagement. You’ll find just about everything you need to succeed in customer service on the Help Scout service blog, including methods and advice on enhancing customer service experiences, empowering staff, preserving customer loyalty, and growing your business. In addition, to educate its visitors, this site includes bespoke drawings and thorough case studies.

Here are a few of Help Scout’s blog publications:

9. Kaizo

This blog takes a unique, out-of-the-box approach to customer service. The Kaizo customer service blogs take a lighthearted but intelligent approach to best practices, technological advancements, and leadership. Furthermore, blogs in Kaizo are quite instructive, digestible, and may even make you giggle. E-books, blogs, news, virtual gatherings, and a support heroes podcast are also included in the resource.

Here are a few of Kaizo’s posts on this thread:

10. CustomerThink

CustomerThink is one of the most popular online groups for discussing different approaches to prioritizing customer care in a business. This blog also covers a wide range of subjects for all customers, including technology, leadership, analytics, tactical content, and sales.

Some CustomerThink blog posts:

You may utilize blogs to guide and assist clients now that you know what they are. I hope that by reading it, you will get information and insight and that you will subscribe to your preferred blog customer service. If you want to learn more about customer blog services, check this link.


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