Baking from Home: A Business Idea During Pandemic

Baking from Home A Business Idea During Pandemic

As the pandemic starts, many people become stressed, especially the extroverted ones. They don’t know what to do in their house while waiting from flattening the curve. Many people are canceling their birthday parties, ceremonies, Christmas, and New year parties. So it is really hard to celebrate alone in your house.

Social media like Tik-Tok, Facebook, and Instagram give people ideas on what to do inside their homes and one of the ideas is baking different kinds of cakes. Cakes are good for the celebration but of course, it is so hard to buy them because of the pandemic. We want to have safety in our lives so we make sure that what we eat is safe. I have here some of the different kinds of what you can do in baking.

Different foods that may be baked at home

Baking is the method of cooking with dry heat, usually in an oven. Bakery items such as bread, rolls, cookies, pies, pastries, and muffins are often made with flour or meal obtained from some type of grain. Here are some of the foods that you can bake at home that can be turned into a business.


We cannot call a celebration to be a celebration if we don’t have the cake on the table. At ceremonial events such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, the cake is frequently offered as celebratory food. The cake is a type of baked sweet dish made from flour, sugar, and other ingredients. There are cakes that have easy ingredients that you can obtain in your pantry. 

Baking a cake is no longer a difficult activity; while it used to take a lot of effort, baking equipment and instructions have been reduced to the point that even the most inexperienced people can make a cake. You can watch a lot of tutorials on media like youtube, Tik-Tok, and Facebook and bake a cake.


If you are not the type to bake cakes then what about baking bread. One of the most popular (and tasty) hobbies right now is baking your own bread. Bread, unlike cakes, requires more effort and manpower to beat the dough of flour. Nothing beats a warm slice of fresh bread with a generous dollop of butter on top.

There are tutorials on how to make and maintain bread, as well as several recipes employing fruits like banana, whole grains, oatmeal, and other ingredients.


Oh yes, cookies!! Who doesn’t like cookies? Most cookies are cooked until crisp or just long enough to keep their softness, while other cookies are not baked at all. Sugars, spices, chocolate, butter, peanut butter, almonds, and dried fruits are among the components used to make cookies in a variety of styles. The cookie’s tenderness may be affected by the amount of time it is cooked.

People love cookies, and they’re easy to sell, so this is a wonderful business to start.


 Every special occasion benefits from the addition of a homemade pie. Pie is unquestionably one of our favorite treats, whether it’s a warm and fluffy apple pie for a fall dessert or a chilled slice of ice cream pie in the summer. The most heavenly pie or tart crust can be described as buttery, flaky, flavorsome, soft, and crunchy. This thin dough can be used to contain a sweet or savory filling and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Pie is a difficult activity that you can bake, whether you have an oven or not; nevertheless, selling pies from home is not a recommended business. But if you have a big business and it is not bad to try. Making pies are time-consuming and a lot of work to do starting from the dough to the fillings.


Well as everyone knows, Sugar, especially crystalline sugar (sucrose), is the main ingredient in candy making, sometimes with glucose or corn syrup as a close relative. There are two kinds of candy, it is crystalline and noncrystalline candies.

Sugar crystals of various sizes are present in crystalline sweets. Divinity, Fondant, Fudge, Marshmallows, Maple Sugar Confectionery, Nougat, and Pralines are all candies made with tiny crystals. Types like Rock Candy are made up of larger crystals.

Caramel, Jelly Beans, Gummy Bears, Gumdrops, Hard Candy, and Toffee are examples of noncrystalline candies in which the sugar is present but not crystalline.

How can you make money on Baking from home?

Baking from home is good especially when there is a family bonding that can be built by it. Baking can be hobbies and a profession but as an amateur chef and you want to have a business then you might have to know more about baking.

Before you go and sell your goods, you need to first check the business law and regulations in your community. You need to obtain needed requirements like the license and permits depending on your business from your city or barangay. Before starting a business you need to plan what you want to sell and where you want to sell.

You also need to make sure that you have a sufficient level of skill and understanding in the safe preparation of food as well as potential dietary concerns. For example, if you have peanuts in your kitchen, you should inform customers who are allergic to the nut. 

After that, you also need to make a list of the baked items you want to sell. Beginning with one or two products, such as bread or cookies, will be the most simple. You may increase your menu as you settle into your business and understand what’s successful and what your consumers prefer. 

Before opening your business you might want to double-check your ingredients, utensils, and customer. You also need to make sure that the taste of your products is heavenly good before selling them. If you want to offer the delivery service then you might want to also plan it. 

If you are ready then you can open it. Remember that opening your business is just the beginning, but don’t pressure yourself and be comfortable and happy in what you wanted to do.

“A big business starts small.”

-Richard Branson

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