Amazon Virtual Assistant: A Must for Business Owner

Amazon Virtual Assistant: A Must for Business Owner

Aside from being a busy business person, are you also a loving parent of your children? Or, perhaps you’ve got another commitment you have to attend to, but you worry about leaving your business alone for a while?

If your business is on Amazon, you don’t have to worry any more.

Here in the twenty-first century, virtual assistants have become a trend.

What are Virtual Assistants?

Now, a virtual assistant is someone who works remotely to make sure that your online business goes well, even though you don’t monitor it 24/7.

Virtual Assistants (also known as freelancers), is someone you can pay on a per-job basis or hourly rate. These are people whose job is to aide you with tasks that occupy too much time or hinder you from having a productive day, or someone with skills that you may have little or no, which includes photoshop, excellent copywriting, translating text from your listing to another language/marketplace, so on and so forth.

A virtual assistant can provide administrative support to all business owners. And if you’re doubting them, they assure you that they underwent proper training, and they’re confident about their honed skills.

Virtual assistants are multiple taskers, and their goal is to help out business owners in growing their Amazon businesses.

They offer business owners a variety of services that can greatly help them. Starting from listing creation to competitor analysis, optimization, keyword research, store optimization, image editing, review moderation, email management, customer service, PPC management, data management, and lastly, order processing.

Amazon virtual assistants can demonstrate their commitment to their job from any remote spot on earth. And, this is handy especially now we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, where we’re not all allowed to go outside. Your assistants can work from home, and it’ll be safer for the both of you.

Tasks done by Amazon Virtual Assistants


An Amazon VA will greatly aid you in performing accurate product studies in order to provide pertinent data. This involves looking for items to buy at wholesale prices, negotiating with suppliers, selecting the perfect deals, and obtaining samples for products you are selling on Amazon.

VAs undergo intensive training to acquire these kinds of skills that you don’t expect your assistant to have. It’s almost like they leave anything you need right at your doorsteps.


An Amazon Virtual Assistant will efficiently help support you with your business’ competitive strategy. You can provide them with particular requirements and they will conduct thorough research. With a VA on your side, you can have up-to-date rival company information.

With the information provided by your VA, you can find out who or what your business is up against, and you can come up with counter attacks or improvements to make your business better.


Delegate customer support services to your VA. Trying to maintain positive reviews and a high-quality user experience requires continuous customer service. They can help in creating message templates, responding to consumer questions, commenting on reviews, negotiating with negative feedback, locating past orders, confirming FBM orders, and dealing with refunds and quality defects.


You would need an Amazon VA to assist you with the tasks to ensure that the listings are harmonious and accurate according to Amazon guidelines. An Amazon assistant with experience can assist you in monitoring and double-checking everything you’ve done to manage all listing optimizations. A virtual assistant can help you track your Amazon performance by looking at how you rank for specific Amazon keywords as well as supervising the optimization of your listings.


Sending in FBA inventory, obtaining Amazon barcodes for each unit, downloading shipping labels, monitoring shipments are really just a couple of minor order processing tasks that an Amazon VA can lend you a hand with.


Images are extremely important on your Amazon product page. As an outcome, your VA can certainly assist you with tasks such as logo design, listing pictures, infographics, as well as other editing.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Assistant in your Business


Virtual Assistants are highly trained. As a byproduct, they complete their work ahead of the client’s deadline, streamlining the process and enhancing productivity. Additionally, since you won’t be doing all of the hard work, you can focus on creating more ideas to make your business better.


Virtual assistants therefore provide independent service to your business on an as-needed basis. You can pay for what you want or need and when you would want it. This is a highly cost-effective option for your business since you won’t have to pay when you don’t need them.


Amazon virtual assistants work from their homes or workplaces. They do not take up office space, and your company can gain financially from cost reductions and reductions.


A virtual assistant is an independent contractor; they will not incorporate into a contract of employment. As a result, no auxiliary employee taxation or benefits will be leviable to them. As self-employed businessmen, virtual assistants are responsible for their own taxation, insurance, and other employee benefits.

Planning to hire an Amazon VA?

Therefore, if you need help with research, customer service, product management, and other tasks managing your store on Amazon, you must hire an Amazon virtual assistant. At Vserve Amazon Listing Services, they have a team of experts to support businesses through virtual assistance services. 

So, if you like to have a quick call to talk about their exclusive Amazon VA services? Then, schedule a 30-minute free consultation with their experts today!


If you’re still in doubt with hiring one, just keep in mind that an Amazon Virtual Assistant can be your knight in shining armour that saves your time, that you can use to focus on improving your products. VAs are efficient and most of all, can be a vital asset in your business, so think about it carefully.


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