Almost There: A Motivational Story About A Determined Graduating Student

Almost There A Motivational Story About A Determined Graduating Student

My views about my trip to the next chapter lie ahead of me.

I’m a communication arts graduate student, so I’m creating this blog. As my college career concludes and a new chapter in my life starts, this is an excellent opportunity to focus on what I want to do and gain from my college experience beyond ultimately receiving a degree. Before being admitted to La Consolation University Philippines, I had failed three institutions. I’m pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication arts, and I can’t stop fantasizing about the possibilities. It’s also intriguing to consider how broad this college experience may be and the other talents I’d want to perfect before entering the “real world.”

The first challenge I’ll face is defining what it means to live freely. Most of us enjoy being on our own after spending our adulthood under our parents’ watchful eyes, but it also comes with many worries and responsibilities. We may realize that we are unprepared to be on our own on a college campus after being well-cared for, from our first steps as a youngster to going over the stage at our high school graduation. We’ll need to be able to cook, clean swiftly, and take care of ourselves.

As you read my blog, now that I’m in my final year of college and about to graduate, I’d like to share my journey with you, and I’m willing to discuss the three phases of my life in this context: my primary, middle, and college selves. I’m convinced that the narrative I’ll tell will encourage and inspire every kid who strives to be the greatest. Conquers their fears and doubts to overcome every impediment on their path to attaining their objectives and making their dreams a reality.

While I was in primary school, my parents decided to enroll me in a private catholic school; at the time, I was attending Saint Paul School of Sta. Maria Bulacan, which was just a few kilometers from my house. Since I was a child, I’ve aspired to be a media reporter. When I grew up, I wanted to be renowned as one of the best journalists in the world. When I saw how good journalists are in their fieldwork, I was amazed to watch them on television discussing facts and current events that affect the whole country and the general public.

But, in hindsight, it wasn’t as simple as I had hoped; our institution pushes or educates students to be effective at public speaking, and I had a bad accent and pronunciation at the time, so I wasn’t as involved and excited in class. I constantly compared my public speaking abilities to those of my bright peers. They had the confidence to stand in front of a huge crowd and make the speech they had planned and practiced, but I felt insecure since I wasn’t as bright as them. They would laugh when I made errors, and some of my mentors would tell me that I wasn’t performing well enough. I was also anxious about giving my speech in front of such a vast crowd. I was criticized from a young age, and it took me a long time and work to overcome it to demonstrate and prove to myself that I am capable of attaining what my peers are capable of doing. I was seen as an outsider or a nobody; therefore, I tried all in my power to impress them.

Since then, I’ve improved my public speaking abilities on my own, using YouTube for classes and training. I can only improve by reading more books on learning English and refining my accent or grammar. I expected to be better immediately, not understanding I was a slow learner who required a lot of work. I worked hard to conquer my anxiety about public speaking and huge audiences. Working in the media demands intellect and a strong personality; otherwise, I am too sensitive or weak. To reach my objectives, I must live by others’ standards.

After primary school, I transferred to Immaculate Conception Academy, where I began a new chapter by meeting new people. I was so anxious I couldn’t help but remember how terrified I was in elementary school. I never dreamed I’d be able to use my newly improved public speaking talents. Thanks to everybody who has praised my efforts after years of tension and concern, I am thankful. The unexpected recognition enabled me to express my ideas on subjects or themes that required a convincing case. It boosts my self-esteem and motivates me to work hard, put in a lot of effort, and pursue my hobbies. Please continue to do your best, no matter how slowly, as long as you learn from it.

Despite my aspirations to become a journalist, a family member recommended I pursue accounting instead. After all, what if the directors and other media professionals chastised me? They believed studying arts and literature would not pay better, would waste their ability, and would be challenging to acquire a job in the real world. They told me life is a race and I should try to copy others’ achievements. I can’t deny that I listened and became their ideal. I was told what to think and do, so I gave up my desire to become what they wanted. You can’t go back if you make a mistake. I was forced to make it in middle school, and I wouldn’t say I liked it. It’s not only because the media is intertwined with the humanities. Accounting was not my main interest, but I tried to enjoy it as much as possible. I believed I performed an excellent job and met my deadlines, but I wasn’t enthusiastic. Despite my hatred for accounting, I obtained outstanding marks and Latin honors for the second year running.

I intended to continue my education after high school, so I took an admissions test to choose a university. I met all the qualifications and waited too long to be contacted. When I received the test schedule, I studied it all night to ensure I was ready for the various examinations and could answer them correctly.

On the exam day, I struggled with most mathematical and logical problems. Despite this, I did my best to answer them. Being unsure of the outcomes made me uneasy and worried throughout the examinations. After months of waiting, I learned that I had failed three times. Failure used to terrify me almost as much as death. That brings your efforts to a close. I confessed to crying and thought about how many times I had failed in the past, not just the admissions test. This did not deter me from applying to schools and hoping to be accepted. After a long wait, I was admitted to the Philippines’ La Consolacion University. Communication arts, rather than accountancy, is my ideal course. I’ll be able to recognize my aspirations in the media one day.

When I started college, it was a difficult trip. There were ups and downs, and you learned you are your sole source of support. It was challenging and irritating at times, and you nearly forgot to look for yourself or relax. It’s a mixed blessing for all students, not just media majors. I was terrified of what might happen in the actual world since I didn’t comprehend what was going on. Remember that you have nothing to prove, so don’t strive to fit in or satisfy their false expectations.

Being a communication arts student doesn’t mean you have to be good at public speaking or know everything about communication. As a result, I picked this career, knowing that I would experience many hurdles and hardships. Suppose you have the passion, ambition, and dedication to your craft. My path to graduation was not easy. I was upset, irritated, and anxious. I didn’t believe I could do it. Amidst criticism and disappointment, I continued going. I swore never to disappoint anyone. Relax and grow. True to yourself, grow. Your IQ may earn you a job, but character is what keeps you there. It’s all in mind.

“Even a circus lion learns to sit on a chair in fear of the whip. But you call such a lion ‘well-trained’, Not well-educated’

― Rancho, The three idiots.

When one of my professors showed us this film, I was touched by its portrayal of college life. True enough, every college student is under intense pressure to meet their professors’ high standards and follow the school curriculum. Because students are too bookish, go with the flow, and say yes to whatever the instructor says to gain good or passing scores, the substance, and pleasure of learning are being missed. Grades are merely numbers, and they should never be used to determine a person’s knowledge or ability.

Grades don’t matter

Throughout my college experience, the true purpose of education is that a single piece of paper CAN NOT determine our future. Instead of striving for higher grades, we must find enjoyment in our courses. Good grades may provide us with immediate joy, but enthusiasm will help us get through in the future.

“Sir! What Number 1, sir? Here we don’t talk about new ideas. Or about new inventions! We only talk about getting good grades, or a good job in the USA. We don’t gain any knowledge here, Sir. They only teach us how to bring back good grades here.” – Rancho

Follow your passion

Instead of studying accounting, I pursued communication arts since it is my passion. Later on, I realize that I should follow my passion and aim to be the best in my field. It instructs me to pursue my interest constantly. Only then can we be contented with our work and be happy in life.

“Never study to be successful, study for self efficiency. Don’t run behind success. Follow behind excellence, success will come all way behind you.” – Rancho

Stop worrying about your future.

I’d been a failure in my whole college career. I hope that it will lead me to get my ideal job one day. This demonstrates the importance of living in the moment rather than worrying about the future. All we have to do now is be serious about our education, and our future will be taken care of. And if concern persists, we know what to do. “All is well,” we declare it with our palms on our hearts.

 “But you be whatever your heart tells you to. And if he scares you too much. Keep a hand over your heart and say, “AAL IZZ WELL!” – Rancho.

Now that I’m about to graduate and begin the next chapter of my life, I’d want to share my thoughts on what I’m looking forward to. While I don’t consider myself a better version of myself, I am willing to grow and learn to push myself even farther in the future and on the field. I want to congratulate myself on my progress so far, even if I do not consider myself a better version. Be brave in your attempts, and don’t let setbacks deter you from achieving your objectives; only you can make your dreams a reality, and you have all you need to make the seemingly impossible possible.


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