Aegyo Of Success: The Story Of Chinoy Sisters And Their Family Business Of Korean Inspired Cakes

Aegyo Of Success The Story Of Chinoy Sisters And Their Family Business Of Korean Inspired Cakes

Before I begin this blog, let me tell you how a pandemic affects entrepreneurs and their businesses. As soon as the pandemic broke out in March 2020, several businesses shut down or reduced their workforce to ensure everyone’s safety. Because of the downturn in the economy, entrepreneurs are struggling and even closing their businesses. However, if you want to live, you must think and devise a strategy for thriving during a pandemic. Challenges abound but trusting yourself is essential for survival. Don’t let setbacks discourage you; instead, stay inspired as you work toward a brighter future.

Now that you’ve learned about the epidemic and its impact on our business owners, this is the story of two incredible Chinese/Filipino sisters who created the Aegyo Cake Business to send love and succeed in the midst of the epidemic. But first, let me introduce you to the Chua Yap Sisters.

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Background of Chua Yap Sister

Kihyan Renz Chua Yap, Koleen Renz Chua Yap, and Karren Renz Sena, the three outstanding women of the Chua Yap family, are the owners of Aegyo Cake Shop. Kihyan earned his bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship from UST, while Koleen earned her bachelor’s degree in management from ADMU. Karren is the one who handles administrative chores, questions, and logistics for their wonderful firm, and they all had a hand in it. Kihyan was the head baker, finance manager, and cake designer of their cake business. Koleen oversaw brand development, marketing, and graphic design. But they won’t be able to fulfill all their responsibilities without the help of their mother, Delia, who is responsible for ensuring that everyone’s time is spent wisely.

Before the pandemic spread, they are assisting their mother’s business, KRenz Apparel Inc. It has nothing to do with their cake business, but because they are also active in fashion and design, it is where they acquire their artistic eye. They were hit by the epidemic, so their mother’s business shifted to creating personal protective equipment (PPE) and face masks for medical personnel on the front lines.

As they made masks, Koleen asked Kihyan what kind of business she wanted to start, and Kihyan immediately thought of food. They believed it was something they could try because they enjoy watching cooking shows on Netflix. Furthermore, because they are unable to celebrate with their loved ones due to the lockdown, they consider preparing cakes with a twist. They both enjoy watching K-pop and Korean dramas, which motivates them to create designs based on various K-pop concepts. “Sending Love with Aegyo Cakes” is the theme of their cakes, according to Karren. These cakes serve as a reminder that the owners wish to provide a means for others to celebrate with their loved ones even if they are unable to join.

The Owner’s Challenges

You might assume it was simple as they tell their story, but they encountered their own set of difficulties. Even if their cakes are well-liked by others, their company employs only three people. They may have been expanded, but there are restrictions and precautions in place. Because their top priority is everyone’s safety, finding a place is difficult, but fortunately, they have a neighbor who has a place to rent, so they were able to expand.

But that wasn’t the only issue; time management and mass production were also major issues. They didn’t even go to bed and sleep because there are only two of them in charge of baking; instead, they must nap the entire time. It’s also becoming more difficult as clients demand more cake slots. That is why they made every effort to complete as many orders as possible.

Designs and a cake in a lunch box

They get a lot of followers on Instagram as their business becomes a trend among people and on social media, which is why they start the newest addition to their cakes. Lunchbox cakes are also a Korean craze, and they can be used to celebrate on your own, for couples, or to send to loved ones who live far away. Purchasing these minimalist cakes is not only for those who want to celebrate with others but also for those who want to relax and eat cakes alone. It’s suitable for two or one person, and it won’t take long to finish.

As eye-catching designs dominate social media, it motivates the owners to take inspiration from “cuteness” to create exquisite confections of minimalist words, favorite K-Drama and K-pop, watercolor painted cakes, and even plain one cakes.

You can also send it to your pals with little motivating remarks, or for her birthday with your favorite designs. In this time of the pandemic, these simple cakes will act as therapy. Receiving such a present demonstrates their want to show you their affection, even if you live far apart.

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Owner’s Advice for Entrepreneurs

Despite the problems we confront because of the epidemic, we can still go forward and achieve the success we desire as we join the pandemic era’s economic world.

“Don’t settle okay lang,” they advise. Never settle for mediocrity. Just getting by in school or at the job isn’t good enough.” As a result, they decide to put more effort into their cakes and redo them if they are unhappy with the results.

For inspiring entrepreneurs, “don’t settle for okay lang, and for those that can’t seem to get started, just do it.” There will never be a perfect moment to begin. “Go ahead and do what you want to do.”

As they say, if you have an idea, start thinking about how it will work, then do it and believe in yourself. Nothing is impossible if you put up enough effort. Pandemic will not let you go down; think deeply, be innovative, trust the process, and believe in God. Nothing will work if you just sit there and stare.

If you’re interested in their minimalist cakes, their Instagram account is worth following, and their website is worth visiting if you want to send love and achieve success. Go check out their website here.


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